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  1. January 1967 , 3rd round FA cup won 1:0 no idea who scored. Remember the smell of fag smoke mixed with the smell of Asphalt from the old Viking factory at the back of the Burnden Terrace
  2. This is just the start.
  3. Renewed x3 cant wait promotion or no promotion.
  4. Best win of the season. 10 out of 10 for everyone one. Defensively superb. Fuck the plastic reds and Neville.
  5. That is the best win of the season. FGR a very good side at this level. Game was well managed by all . Doyle had minimum touches but what a strike. We will go up as Champions - convinced after that. OINO
  6. I've got a photo but struggling to upload at the minute!
  7. Met Frank just once when I was involved with BWSA back in the nineties arranging for him to attend as guest speaker at a sportsman dinner at the exec suite at Burnden , probably 95/96 i'sh can't remember exactly. I had the job of organizing his attendance via his Mrs who was also his manager, on agreeing his fee, in typical Frank style it had to be cash in a brown envelope to avoid the tax man ! £600 if I remember rightly. Frank was terrific on the night dressed in a green velvet suit reminiscing his time with us. God bless Frank, a true legend.
  8. Taking Sarce off changed the game. Still can't see what Maddison brings, ok hit the post but still but not up to speed.
  9. That was without doubt the best 45 minutes in the last 4 years. These are 2nd in the league and they are chasing shadows.
  10. Sounds like mental health issues to me, been kept very quiet.
  11. A intelligent and articulate lady, great interview. After the swarmy twat Anderson it's like a breath of fresh air. It looks we are in safe hands .
  12. I met Nat many times at social events over the last 10 years of his life. My old man had grown up with him in the 30's and he was a friend of a friend. Never ever have I met such an unassuming man. No heirs and Grace's with Nat. In English football he is a true legend ,not many of these people about in today's game . Never driven by money just a passion for his club and town.
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