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  1. Great news onward and upward.
  2. Renewed x3 cant wait promotion or no promotion.
  3. Best win of the season. 10 out of 10 for everyone one. Defensively superb. Fuck the plastic reds and Neville.
  4. That is the best win of the season. FGR a very good side at this level. Game was well managed by all . Doyle had minimum touches but what a strike. We will go up as Champions - convinced after that. OINO
  5. I've got a photo but struggling to upload at the minute!
  6. Met Frank just once when I was involved with BWSA back in the nineties arranging for him to attend as guest speaker at a sportsman dinner at the exec suite at Burnden , probably 95/96 i'sh can't remember exactly. I had the job of organizing his attendance via his Mrs who was also his manager, on agreeing his fee, in typical Frank style it had to be cash in a brown envelope to avoid the tax man ! £600 if I remember rightly. Frank was terrific on the night dressed in a green velvet suit reminiscing his time with us. God bless Frank, a true legend.
  7. Taking Sarce off changed the game. Still can't see what Maddison brings, ok hit the post but still but not up to speed.
  8. That was without doubt the best 45 minutes in the last 4 years. These are 2nd in the league and they are chasing shadows.
  9. Sounds like mental health issues to me, been kept very quiet.
  10. A intelligent and articulate lady, great interview. After the swarmy twat Anderson it's like a breath of fresh air. It looks we are in safe hands .
  11. I met Nat many times at social events over the last 10 years of his life. My old man had grown up with him in the 30's and he was a friend of a friend. Never ever have I met such an unassuming man. No heirs and Grace's with Nat. In English football he is a true legend ,not many of these people about in today's game . Never driven by money just a passion for his club and town.
  12. 2 fckin hours to get 2 tickets. Stressed to fck finally got straight through via Chrome. Looks like will be' totally sold out Cant wait now win or lose.
  13. This site is on overload. Why the rock do i need to tell them i dont want any further contact for tranmere into!!
  14. Wilbrahim signing for Macclesfield in player coach role. They back in EFL so will probably get a game or two .
  15. As an Old Git as a young kid I remember Gareth running a sports shop on Churchgate used to hang around outside to see if he turned up ! Used to buy my Subueto stuff from him was a bit of hard cae if the memory is correct ! Remember the game at home to Oxford think first game of season when he scored. Probably 68/69 ??
  16. Best feeling in 50 years of following our wonderful club. Highs and lows over and over The total outburst of joy when Wilbrahim tucked the header away can not be equaled Loved it to see my lad at 35 in tears of joy with guys around us who have travelled far and wide supporting some real shit in the last few years got to move forward now . Bolton till I die
  17. Filipe Morais !!! Why did Bradford let him go ? Their loss our gain .
  18. My first hero remember having the "feather cut " hairstyle to look like him. l will always remember the hatrick against City. 40k plus on Burnden that night Lever End was buzzin. City where a good side at that time Summerbee etc etc and Garry battered em. Always played with a bit of flair. RIP Garry
  19. Anybody remember this one from late 60's If I had the wings of a sparrow If I had the arse of a crow I'd fly over Blackburn tomorrow And shit on the bastards below , below and shit on the bastards below. Classic
  20. In for Bristol - future son in-laws stag do at Cheltenham on the Friday then down to Brissle for the weekend. Taking some Munich's with us and they want to come to the game! Remember several away days at Ashton Gate in Mid 70's often one of the early aways August time. Previous week in Torquay and up to Bristol on way home for the match. Happy Days. Anyone remember the Bristol Cider song ?
  21. Still don't have any confidence that we will get back into this . Why do we start like a bag of shite getting really pissed off with the situation.
  22. Just been to Gigg Lane with a Pieater mate. On a freebie sat with the pieaters - What a bunch of inbreds. Lots of old heads pissed up grappling with stewards and plod. Shit team and shit fans - Bucket shakers not much better.Bury 2 attempts 2 goals. Wigan last 10 when they brought on the enigma which is Grant Holt should have won it. Good to see Jussi in goal for wiggin but had little to do.
  23. More problems when trying get tickets for Burnley, had same problem for b/burn and Huddersfield. Still shite! Tried to buy mine and lads on Friday , both season tickets assigned. Both to client Ref but Says I'm trying to buy too many. Went into ticket office yesterday told em problem - guy just laughed and told me he agreed it's shit! But doesn't know if it will get fixed!
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