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  1. Sounds like the crowd chanting you racist barsteward ....
  2. i wonder which month sarc wiill be on the calendar ....
  3. of course he might have a bad agent who is whispering in his ear he can get a contract in league2 so the agent get his signing on fee etc which will be better for a free contract player.
  4. Is there s list of sites that accept bitcoin etc? Noticed vpns simplelogin and standard notes
  5. oh bollocks to this /ignore
  6. Haha made me smile for the first time in the last 2 hrs thanks
  7. 22k according to gmr radio shame
  8. Been to game so not read the thread yet. Things that were obvious to me: If halfalion is neutered we are as well. There are no options on the bench that can change the attacking threat. Why are we not throwing santos up front for the last 15mins? We pass it around as if its a training exercise when we are losing instead of launching it to a big man up front like santos. Rotherham were good today and controlled the game well and saw it out after they scored 2.
  9. Some people will be isolating others shielding and others looking after vulnerable Still more people to attend when covid managed.
  10. The rendition of star man was picked up in latest nothetop20 podcast. Enjoy
  11. BN are short of money it seems. On buff podcast they push bn extras.
  12. 3rd kit look good overall. Liking the sown on badge rather than the iron on transfer that we have had at times in the past. Also like the subtle lancashire rose.
  13. It works on the desktop browser if you open the next page in a new tab.
  14. Hello, Just looked at club shop online fora home kit for my holidays but there are none in stock. Is there any information if there is a new home kit due to be launched and when? thanks
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