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  1. What a great afternoon. hammered, 6 booked, 1 sent off, goal disallowed and hit the bar. makes our Wigan game look good!
  2. Good first 5 minutes, then shocking 40 minutes reasonable second half. lee and is grove were brilliant. Thought Sheehan looked the only bright spark first half. could have won it with mj or that last gasp dapo effort, but they should have gone 3 up with that crap back pass. we were suicidal at times without defending and passing at times - although did get better. think the team and the fans really needed those late 2 goals and should help to regalvanise. and Stockport lost - sarc was on the bench and came on - will probably hand in a transfer request on Monday !!
  3. Need to get the train from Stockport though - good thinking though
  4. But if the train is late or cancelled - you are bolloxed
  5. Good luck sarce, but we move on
  6. Sarc is a great league 2 player, not convinced he can hack the top of league 1. question - why did Plymouth get rid when they got promoted and also he has always got transferred to a team in a lower division. done us well - now let’s move on. £8k a week apparently, god help county if they don’t get out paying wages like that.
  7. They think they are signing sarcevic from us in the next few days - all over Twitter !
  8. Sunday afternoon this now. expect it’s because the Manchester derby the day before. county are loving £10 a ticket !
  9. At least it gives you options and should be able to get a pint at least. The home match experience has been a ball ache so far.
  10. It can’t be any worse than the current situation trying to get a drink and I suppose it’s money in the clubs pocket not independent pubs.
  11. Any type of goal, any type of win - that’s all I ask (please)
  12. All the locals are buzzing for this and will bring a fair few. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They have sold 2000 already for notts county away next week, so am sure it will be nearly 3,000 for us. crap draw for us.
  13. Well not one player can take any credit today - and we choose that game to turn in our worst performance. constantly giving the ball away, making wrong decisions and they were faster, fitter, uglier and ultimately wanted it more. they were the better side at their place in the cup as well. brockbank just not up to the level of mcclean, not criticising, just miles off. their number 8 marshalled dapo superbly and we looked like we had no midfielders playing. might put a bit of realism into all these thinking we willl be challenging for top 6. Finish half way and it will be a good season. tough fixtures to come with Portsmouth, Plymouth, Wycombe. we need to stop conceding first as well.
  14. Not listened to it yet, so is the fanzine coming back ? As at the moment to get a beer ore match is a bloody ball ache.
  15. I am surprised with your away trips to wins ratio !
  16. Got at least 4 of them booked in the cup game. Problem is someone smashes him, gets booked and then it moves on to another player. Same has happened a few times this season.
  17. I only saw the second half the other night and it was garbage. Exactly the reason I stopped going to England games years ago.
  18. And no doubt the more he gets booed, the better he will play........
  19. Notts county away - tickets a plenty and easy to get to
  20. This - no question he should shoot
  21. That for me is about the poorest team we have played. We dominated the ball, but didn’t do much with it. 1 shot on target, final decision was poor - can’t expect to win games with those stats. 0-0 would have been fair.
  22. Need them 3 for Wigan, let’s hope they stay on 4!
  23. We took 2000 ish to that game in the championship and are taking over 3000 in league 1 on Saturday.
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