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  1. Water fountains like the airports etc
  2. Well we need to be winning this if we are going to have any hope / chance
  3. Hopefully will take some traffic away from hotel 😎 old habits die hard for me I’m afraid. will they let away fans in ?
  4. Well we should do, so they make less of an atmosphere
  5. What a performance and kept shouting when we scored, huddled round my phone by the pool in the Dominican Republic - not many English either, so all a bit bemused. Dempsey, Morley and Bradley were immense. they had a few chances, but we could and should have had more. just brilliant - I trust all that went enjoyed 😎
  6. A lot will be included in the numbers but missing due to holidays tomorrow. Including myself. come on tomorrow - let’s get a good start
  7. Enjoy all - and bring us back 3 points 😎
  8. On the beach for me - any win is fine
  9. As not going and away from Monday for weeks, not really got into the spirit yet.
  10. Missing vale as on holiday - gutted
  11. Faster payment on internet banking. sent a few “lads” down to where the address was supposed to be and all boarded up. business turnover c£50m so no mugs
  12. Gave up on pre seasons years ago
  13. So many scams / fraud now with internet banking and credit cards - it’s frightening. I have a customer that lost 6 figures. cash all day for me.
  14. Much rather have cash - know exactly how much you have spent or have left. but I’m old school. this cashless car parking is going to cost quite a bit more than having a season pass like last season. Will stop the pissing about for change and potential for some to go missing…….
  15. Too much stress on pre season. in Evatt we trust
  16. Another great away trip spoiled
  17. In fairness, when we couldn’t go, what a service
  18. Went pre season with gumbo, was it sasas last game ? we were only quite young, I ad only just passed my driving test and used my mums car whilst she was away. walked into a boozer in the town centre and everything stopped ( or it felt like it did), so we went straight back out ! can’t be bothered going again this season
  19. Was coming out about £180 with railcards for me and junior tho. But I ant doing 10 hours on a train with 6 changes going the Leeds way. What’s the cheapest you’ve found for the London route ?
  20. Agreed - and the problem is smaller teams know the bigger teams will sell out largely irrespective of price
  21. Charlton away - then off on my jols
  22. No way - would have been leaked by somebody at some club
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