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  1. Gumbo

    Zach Clough

    Problem KH had of recent was trying to play ‘good football’ on a sand pit. same situation re ZC trying to play in that team on that pitch. Dale will go down because they can’t addapt to the reality of the above. Good footballing side my arse.
  2. Serious question.... with the success that Cols are currently having, does the ground meet the requirements of the league above or will ground improvements be required?
  3. Gumbo


    I’m a Bolton fan born in Bolton Cas, and yep pleased that my Dad is one too! But Carlos has a point too! Im just bored as my kangaroo has run off!
  4. Gumbo


    Is he really a Bolton fan or has he latched onto a club of a decent size who have decent away support and are going through a really shitty time! we must be interesting to ‘vlog’ about. and when he wants his ‘real’ football fix he goes to Arsenal. It will all come to light when he becomes a member of the GSE....
  5. A very entertaining part of the Stoke game was hearing Big E mutter we are the one and only Wanderers. The fella in front didn’t know weather to punch him or care for him
  6. Was the DF 2-1 the same season as Salad Bar at home? Seemed to be a good following. Also did the 1-0 in 94 and a day in and out for the stag do. Was that the 6-0? And prior to that was on the terrace when folk were handing out travel flyers for Pisa away and SAN Marino away the same week. i won’t be at either game this Season
  7. G’day all. Firstly it was great to see so many of you wonderful loyal supporters whilst back over Christmas. Amongst the less fortunate... we have some top blokes who watch our team. Now to my point from a far. Whilst The current men at the helm seem to be les than competent in dealing with our clubs financial issues, did the demise of our club not begin when Alan Duckworth was removed from his post? Or do many supporters just have short term memories and only want to lay the blame at the foot of the current Chairman’s door? see you all soon Gumbo
  8. I don’t understand what you mean L/H white?
  9. Burke is more of a footballer than Beevers. But Beevers is a gash Division 1 centre back And Saturday is a gash division 1 contest So with that I’m going for a Beevers Wheater combo.
  10. Thogdan has the camera in your 18 rated movie debut
  11. The back entrance in Leeds is becoming more popular. It’s full of arseholes. Some cracking boozers out that way though!
  12. Missed that game 1-shit fan 2- wearing tracksuits in employment at Burnley FC That probably makes me the shitest of shit fans. Went to Wigan on the Sunday though. That was rubbish!
  13. Last four games Alnwick. he’s been excellent! Henry’s turned our season around.
  14. I certainly heard lots of stick by two blokes four rows behind us. It was relentless through out the second half. “Fuckin sit down Parky” “Fuck off Parky” “Get fuckin Pratley off he’s shit” Etc etc... Not a word said when Clough came on. Smug as fuck when we went 1-0 down. Both had left the second the full time whistle went. I didn’t notice how they reacted when we scored. I was too busy heading it in with over 2000 others. Then had a big gay pile on.
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