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  1. What's with all these temporary attempts? We need more permanent attempts. EVATT OUT!
  2. I guess that's the point. Had he done anything to warrant being asked to move on? Or was he just there? I was expecting to read he'd started kicking off or something but I can't find anything to suggest he did. I genuinely didn't realise the police had the powers to do what they did, but perhaps the that's my ignorance, mainly because I don't go around kicking off everywhere probably. Anyway - like I say - not really arsed about TR - more just surprised that this is the way the system works. Could they not have sacked off BJ as well? Just for balance? 😁
  3. Thanks Zico. So he hadn't actually done anything. He'd just been 'advised' not to be there and didn't take the advice. I'm not a TR fan but doesn't quite sit right with me?
  4. Could you tell me? I only use the BBC for news and since Tommy Robinson got it shut down after his documentary a few years back I have no sources of reliable information 😁
  6. This is great news - don't get me wrong. But I feel like I've been reading this same headline for 5 years now. Or has there been something similar doing the round. Anyway - just need a couple hundred more of these and I reckon we'll have definitely broken even 😉
  7. Ders more to Oirland Dan Dis
  8. Came out of it and way too quick for DMT - he's not know who/what/where he was for 15 minutes...... Apparently? 😆
  9. I went to a Reform UK conference at the Reebok, on my own and completely sober a couple of years back. Out if curiosity. The same way that you might drive closely past a deer that's been hit by a bus. God it was grim. Like watching a warm up for a Jim Davidson show. I got to see Nigel Farage drinking a pint of shit bitter bitter and smoke a fag while some skivvy did his shoelaces up for him. Whenever I'm down I think about that skivvy and think about how life is so bad. At least I think it was the Reform Party - they kept changing their names a lot around that time. You know how they say you should go and watch people you don't necessarily agree with and see whether that chance change your mind. In this case I think you could have just watched a 2 minute party promo which they'd extended for an hour out to to allow Nige to get his fag breaks in. Rule, Britannia!
  10. The General Lee! For the dashing leftie about town. Apart from my horn plays 'The Red Flag'. Absolute Manny magnet. If you like hairy minges!
  11. Perfectly articulated.... 'Contextualisation must not relativisation'......
  12. Go nice with some a nice Superdry t-shirt them! With a picture holding a fish
  13. Jesus- how greasy is their captains hair? He looks like a 1930's fighter pilot!
  14. I think to a certain extent its to be expected. They will be fired up after a rollicking. I imagine Evatt asks them take less risks for 10/15 minutes. Problem is if they score during that period.
  15. What about him? I'm on a 2 minute delay! Has he scored or broken his leg?
  16. The Blue Oyster Bar closed its doors in 2005 sadly 🙂
  17. Educate yourself - otherwise you're part of the problem!
  18. Fucking hell - I've just been in the bathroom for a shit and my own son's into it as well! He's only 8! And I can't even make the excuse that he's autistic. I'm going to have to make him watch an evening of Palestinian atrocities to try and set him straight. Has anybody got any good footage?
  19. Have they removed that Golliwog from that pub yet?
  20. Could be 4 already this. Northampton are shite so far.
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