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  1. Really, really good performance that. I think most teams in this league would struggle to live with us on that showing. The most encouraging thing was that I still think we had another couple of gears if we'd needed them. Clear been working on opening up teams through the middle - so it's nice to have that variety. Thought we became a little one dimensional last year. Sheehan and Isgrove still to come back which will give us even more options. Lot's of ups and downs to go yet but very encouraging signs. Really impressed with Iredale - and hope it gives Jones a bit of a kick up the backside.
  2. I'm struggling to remember anything Darcy did in a Bolton shirt other than be young.
  3. I saw some of their fannies the other day. Beat that!
  4. When his little'un had a Wanderers kit on as he did his lap of honour with Greece after the Euros ❤️❤️❤️
  5. Gez is a Sithole - I wanna go home
  6. We've signed someone called Gez Sithole for the B team. If only there was a pun I could think of for his name?
  7. Just ours - I've never seen it before!
  8. Might have already been mentioned - but EFL are offering a service where it links all the fixtures to your online calendar. Actually really good - all the fixtures automatically saves to my phone this morning!
  9. Hearing whispers that we're after some young lad from Northern Ireland called Conor something. Possible Fossey replacement!
  10. That's how I read it too. If he wants to go somewhere else though, balls to him. I'd never heard of him this time last year and I'm sure there are others Evatt has got his eye on. Just wish he'd not done all that ballooning on social media hinting at a return.
  11. 1) Don't care 2) Don't care 3) Don't care 4) Don't care 5) Don't care 6) Don't care 😁
  12. Can't see him going to Blackpool in all honesty. I think there's so much for him to prove and complete here. I think with Barrow he'd have been looking atbitvand wondering how much further he could realistically take them. Here I think he reckons he's a chance at going all the way. Plus he's got a rock solid relationship with SB - and his job is secure. But I've been wrong about plenty in the past!
  13. Re Paris French authorities + UEFA - It was the Liverpool fans misbehaving Liverpool fans - it was poorly organised and the police were heavy handed Kent applies Occam's razor - it was probably both
  14. Well this person has a career too. And I wouldn't want to jeopardise that over something that might just be idle chit chat in the gym. And I have no idea who reads this forum. I just thought it might prove of interest - whoever the source was. Equally it might prove to be complete bollocks. Either way I'm surprised how free and easy this information was being banded about.
  15. ☝️ This is all true. I wouldn't read loads into the Dapo or Santos' future based on what I overheard (twice by the way). I'm more just shocked that someone was blabbing about it in public.
  16. I'm not saying that this player is right. But I am telling you what I overheard. He wasn't exactly being discreet about it.
  17. Well according to a member of the first team squad, with a big gob I've just overheard discussing things in the gym. Dapo wants championship wages and is eyeing a move. Santos wants to stay despite folk telling him that he could get champ money if he upped sticks. This player would be off too if he got offered better money elsewhere.
  18. My point is - maybe homosexual men are disuaded from pursuing a career in football. Which is why there's less of them than you would imagine - if you were just extrapolating from the population at large?
  19. You can't really take the countries demographics and apply it to football though. 7.5% of Brits are Asian. Nowhere near 7.5% of footballers are Asian. There's a cultural reason that Asian lads don't take up football as a profession. There's a good chance homosexuals have an aversion to taking up football as a career too.
  20. Homosexuals can't swim, they attract enemy radar, they attract sharks, they insist of being placed at the captain's table, they get up late, they nudge people whilst they're shooting, they "muck about" In all seriousness though - I can't believe this is still a thing in 2022?
  21. Cole Palmer rumours doing the rounds on Twitter.....
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