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  1. "I've got a hundred and four American friends"
  2. Well - that's me convinced. Especially if the aboriginal elders have told him that. After sniffing petrol from a cannister! 😁
  3. Can't do much worse (than the most successful England manager of all time minus Sir Alf).
  4. Ian Evatt 150/1 to be the new England boss. Lump on now!
  5. "One suck and you're dead" 😂😂
  6. About as much as we know about the work be assassin summed up in one 10 minute video by an English guy.....! 👍 https://youtu.be/810njMhlg5k?si=8IhJShrbnhSqjReG
  7. Yep - and he'll sell his own country and allies out for his own personal gain.
  8. Trump on day 1 To Zelensky - you're not getting any more money and we will veto any attempts to join NATO. You should also stand down and be replaced by this guy (insert Russian puppet here). To Putin - keep what you've got and call off any further incursions. To Europe - back down and stop arming Ukraine or I'll pull us out of NATO. To the Nobel Prize Committee - please can I have my Peace Prize. Or something along these lines.
  9. I don't think so. Just because the joke was aimed at the new labour government. Rather than the UK.
  10. Incidentally - Starmer was the only world leader to call DT following the shooting apparently. Spent 10 minutes on the phone by all accounts!
  11. I noticed Trump has picked a bright spark as his running mate 🙄 https://news.sky.com/story/amp/jd-vance-donald-trumps-vice-president-pick-suggests-uk-is-first-islamist-country-with-nuclear-weapons-13178526
  12. What a prick. Remember though Gonzo. He's a Scouser, and....... 'scousers don't get knocked out!' Unless you're Darren Till or Molly or hopefully soon this cocky little gobshite.
  13. Try Tessoro's in Heaton. Used to be at The Finisher's Arms but now have their own place. Come back to me once you've tried it! 👍
  14. Just reading that the gunman was "rejected by his high school rifle team" America really is a weird place!
  15. Gutted for England. Gutted for Gareth Southgate. I don't think anybody in England cares about the national team more than that man. I think he'll go. And I'll be hugely amazed (and elated) if whoever comes in does a better job. Just watched my 9 year old son cry at the football for the first time. Welcome to the club son! 😁
  16. Surprised to see so many conspiracy theory nutjobs reasoning that this was all faked. Not sure if this might actually play out badly for the Trumpinator.
  17. Yeah I agree. I find it amazing that anyone with a rifle can get within a mile of a target. Especially when they have as little cover as this bloke seemed to have.
  18. This is the kind of thing that happens when you turn an election into a borderline civil war whilst allowing your citizens to run around with guns. America desperately needs to sort it's act out. Glad it wasn't even more serious. Imagine the conspiracy theory nutjobs if Trump had lost his life? They would be taking sides and shooting each other by now.
  19. Which is why it's a bad analogy in the first place. Anyway - looks like this strike was on an area that Israel had declared a 'safe zone'. Are you alright with that?
  20. I was just about to say exactly the same thing. Plus - blasting my tumour wouldn't mean thousands of dead children.
  21. 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone'
  22. Yeah me too. I'd rather someone senile with a decent team of advisors than DT.
  23. #tacticallynaive 😁
  24. Still, good news about the chocolate oranges.
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