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  1. I see the backward bastards smashed the bogs up Accy owner says worst fans they have hosted
  2. She might have got her hair wet so stayed at home
  3. To be honest - thats a bloody good following for Wigan
  4. Seem to remember BR not having many ST holders as they put them on sale late
  5. Pretty sure you remember most of the filths games
  6. Pretty much Yes - since SKy put it on there agenda to ram it down our throats at the start of every live televised match Also it was noticable that last season on quite a few occasions our players didnt take the knee - whats changed this season? I dont think they have had a change of heart - I think they are "encouraged" to do it
  7. Because they have minds of there own??
  8. ST holders are included - whether they attend or not
  9. Dont forget that 12,500 didnt turn up because of membership issues!!!!!!!
  10. Last time they gave us another block of seat tickets that we had to Queue up at T/O to purchase - then a further small allocation of terrace? and another handful of seats
  11. What the fcuks happening on ifollow - has the YTS lad got hold of the camera
  12. On a seperare note - how many coppers were on duty outside the ground?? - seemed like all of GMP had rocked up for the overtime
  13. That’s bloody good except for the congestion on the concourse!!!!
  14. Just under 1300 according to twitter account mid afternoon yesterday
  15. That’s wrong i am STH not applied for membership but got six Stockport away tickets for our group
  16. As someone pointed out typical of the BEN to use a photo of another clubs supporters discussing BWFC membership issues
  17. Following day I believe
  18. On line tickets now on sale for NSL centre block
  19. They need to get some more blocks for sale - only single seats left
  20. Took me 2 mins to get 6 Stockport tickets
  21. But if they can get 2 tickets - is there any control over there guest??
  22. Looks like a LL member can get 2 tickets - does the "guest" not have to be a member then?? I can see BEN comments page going into overload
  23. Not going to happen that is it - would go against everything the club has set up BW twitter have said they are waiting on tickets to arrive from Stockport - as soon as they arrive they say will put them straight on sale
  24. FFS why are you making it sound like its rocket science All a ST holder needs to do is tick a couple of boxes and he is confirmed a member
  25. Why the fuck would an away fan have to join a home team membership scheme FFS 10k Bolton fans are automatically members as they are automatically joined And whats the big issue with registering as a member?? - prior to this if you ordered tickets to be delivered - you had to give your name and address - obviously - and I think an email address - To register as member you have to give name and address - email address - and DOB - Is all the non believers too shy to let the club no how old they are??
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