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  1. The evening will be compered by current stadium announcer Phil Heys, They are having a laugh arent they - whats he going to do - blast out at maximum distorted volume kids music, and then talk in muffled tones that no-one can understand Could they not have got Reebok Voice back ??
  2. Should have a better idea whats happening on Tues when the train companies publish there time tables for next saturdays strike action
  3. Looking at trainline for the 1st Oct they say schedules for strike action on 1st Oct will be published on Tues 27th Sept
  4. Havent the club handed a few of these out as well as the court-imposed ones??
  5. According to Yahoo News Its Strike action will take place at Network Rail and 15 train operating companies listed below: Chiltern Railways Cross Country Trains Greater Anglia LNER East Midlands Railway c2c Great Western Railway Hull Trains Northern Trains South Eastern South Western Railway Transpennine Express Avanti West Coast West Midlands Trains GTR (including Gatwick Express)
  6. Known as Reebok to all our lot, and I think it always will be
  7. What has boycotting the WC got to do with watching the Wanderers??
  8. Club twitter said about 200 left yesterday pm - thought would have sold out pretty quickly
  9. Got our 6 OK - as long as it doesnt piss down should be a good day
  10. I didnt think we had sold that many AST
  11. wheres the seated tickets gone??
  12. Dues the greasy twat still play for them ??
  13. If he has bought a ticket online it will bne emailed to him
  14. The no National Anthem was a Eufa directive - Rangers have told Eufa to Fcuk Off - they are singing it
  15. Player manager wasnt he? Substitute that night - Seemed to remember him taking the longest warm up session ever known to take the adulation from the Bolton fans
  16. bwfc2003


    AFC seem to win quite a few games - What level are they at??
  17. The answer every time is Klippity Klopp
  18. Remember all 3 games - interesting times then!!
  19. Single seats only left in all 3 lower tiers Should the club be looking at opening a couple of blocks in South Stand Lower??
  20. That wouldn’t cover the costs of opening the ground surely ??
  21. And not too sure why people would think that loads of casual fans would rock up on the night but for the membership scheme - going off 17k Bolton fans at home games this season - there are at least 17k who are members
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