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  1. The Burnden are so shite even in the sales I’d not bother. Aspen is a cunt!!! All he had to do was turn out another blue suede jobbie and we’d have been happy enough. Powerphase, white leather, fuck off. Winterhill are a miles better purchase
  2. Shite…. Of the SNS GT series the Paris were the only pair worth getting excited about.
  3. Probably being noshed off by his pet boi Royal White…… 🎣
  4. You must shagging some serious birds then?
  5. Apparently that’s one of the top 10 funeral songs. Decent tune mind.
  6. Secret Smile by Semisonic, circa 1998 https://youtu.be/lDx24xwca7Q
  7. Yeah the lyrics are cringe worthy!!!
  8. If they are a 9 i'd be v interested if Stevie doesn't take em.
  9. Of course he did, make perfect sense that!!
  10. Didn't he only turn out about 8 times?
  11. Mike Whitlow, who spent almost his entire career as a LB was a collosus for a period at Centre Back. Under-rated IMO
  12. Wash your fucking mouth out and have a good look at yourself!!! 🧐
  13. Oh that'll hurt...especially from our UK Politics correspondant 10,000 miles away.
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