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  1. Of course he did, make perfect sense that!!
  2. Didn't he only turn out about 8 times?
  3. Mike Whitlow, who spent almost his entire career as a LB was a collosus for a period at Centre Back. Under-rated IMO
  4. For starters, I think it’ll be Doyle & Fonz up top. With three CB’s and playing with wingbacks I’m not sure where Poltic fits in.
  5. jimmyjoojar


    The soggiest 🤮
  6. I’d honestly say bang average was a tad generous. Though never did like the grief he got simply as he was a local lad. Limited ability and unspectacular.
  7. Dingo dollars... 💵💵💵
  8. It’s this mon, seems to have a good source within the club. https://mobile.twitter.com/rossco_1990
  9. Pretty sure Bridcutt will have more attractive options than us in L2.
  10. My £2.00 bet on him may have dramatically changed the odds!!
  11. Has 4 clubs on his CV, less than 350 games in total managed. Made a big mess at both Derby & Stoke.
  12. Gary "spunk millions" Rowett... Behave!!
  13. There are loads of decent pros who could do a job for us. The trick is building a tight unit who will buy into the "backs to the wall" scenario and prosper this season. Can't see us giving anyone a deal beyond the end of the season, so in theory they will all be playing for a new deal which might help.
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