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  1. Apparently that’s one of the top 10 funeral songs. Decent tune mind.
  2. Secret Smile by Semisonic, circa 1998 https://youtu.be/lDx24xwca7Q
  3. Yeah the lyrics are cringe worthy!!!
  4. If they are a 9 i'd be v interested if Stevie doesn't take em.
  5. Of course he did, make perfect sense that!!
  6. Didn't he only turn out about 8 times?
  7. Mike Whitlow, who spent almost his entire career as a LB was a collosus for a period at Centre Back. Under-rated IMO
  8. Wash your fucking mouth out and have a good look at yourself!!! 🧐
  9. Oh that'll hurt...especially from our UK Politics correspondant 10,000 miles away.
  10. That too but I meant the New Order Spzl shoes. Just not my thing
  11. I’m gonna try for a pair as those Leeds mugs will be frothing at the mouth if they don’t bag some.
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