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  1. Very true. Football league founders shouldn't be having to mix it with no mark bottom feeders like that shower of shite.
  2. What do they think the Horwich jibe achieves? Fucking imbeciles 🤣
  3. Yes mate. H171 right behind a barrier which was a pain in the arse for the second half.
  4. The negatives. First half I was sat in front of a couple of moaning fuckers who delivered negativity for the entire first half. Declan John the main target but also 'that Icelandic bloke up front is dogshit', 'what the fuck are we doing' when we were retaining possession, 'they're loafing around tonight - they aren't interested' all repeated over and over again. Had to move at half time before an incident developed. We have always had 'em but FFS, if they can't be positive at this time of our season, what will the wrist slashing wankers do when we do have the odd inevitable bad result?
  5. I remember a vital win against Wednesday that ended up 3-1. Alan Gowling to the fore. I will go with Tomski's prediction. All just a case of history repeating.
  6. Reminded me very much of 'muslamic rayguns' or whatever the fuck it was. Knuckle dragging moron. That bloke with the V signs 😄 Anyone else shitting their pants besides me?
  7. In my experience it is always better to completely ignore dickheads like this. Just a WUM. Adams not Traf!!!
  8. You nailed what I was going to post except that I was going to add '8 points'. Very solid start. Young Bradley looks like a very good player with a great future to me. Those two full backs at Liverpool should be looking over their shoulders. Wish he was ours.
  9. Cheers mate (and Barry).
  10. Back from London and chomping at the bit for this one. Please update me gents as I have been out of it for a few days. Anything to report on the rescinding of either of our recent red cards?
  11. They are shite. Full stop.
  12. Well, this is alreet. Two games, two wins, 8 goals scored and only one conceded. Wish I could be at Port Vale! Back against Morecambe and Sheff Wed and hoping (expecting) more of the same. Everything about the place seems to be brimming with confidence and optimism. A great season ahead - of this I have no doubt. Surely that ludicrous red card will be reviewed? Standard of refereeing (especially v Wycombe) leaves a lot to be desired.
  13. 0-2, the Whites march on.
  14. Cheers mate. Being from cotton mill stock, spending an afternoon there was an absolute pleasure. A beam engine and the smell of the oils they used which are seeped into the place got my juices flowing! Food was good as was the beer. If I get chance with the Rivi thing, I'll be there.
  15. Still taking in that performance in at the Bowlands Brewery in Clitheroe today. What top place that is! Anyway, give Salford a good thrashing on Tuesday before our first way win of the season and it will be all systems go. Playoffs as an absolute minimum.
  16. Cheers mate. Yep, I'll find you.
  17. Cheers pal. Hard not to enjoy that! 5-0 or 6-0 would not have been a fortunate result. All over em.
  18. Thanks mate. As others have said, the feelgood factor around the place reminds me very much of successful seasons past. Every element seems to be right - management, support, player quality, confidence. That equation usually results in success. Early days yet but I can see this season being one to remember for all of the right reasons.
  19. Sorry R - you were one that I missed off the list of WWays types I bumped into yesterday. I was looking at the back of your bonce for most of the match Not got the exact stats for Teddy but I know he played from 1932 til around 1950 then became the club secretary in 1957 and retired in 1980. As you well know, his lad is BWFC obsessed. Good to see you looking so spry yesterday mate. All that jumping around and going berserk when we score needs to be curbed mate. Rubbed off on me Have a Werthers instead
  20. The outstanding two for me yesterday.
  21. Unforgettable night that. As you say, fantastic tribute to Syd. Dust in my eye and all that.
  22. Thank you sir. Hoping for a good few more before I disappear again. Can't go to Vale now, have to be in London for 4 days starting Friday. I am sure I will get to watch it somewhere. Plenty of BWFC fans where I will be staying. Using the old cliche, one game at a time. Win Tuesday next on the agenda.
  23. Great win with the added bonus of meeting Boby Brno, Little Whitt, Anewman, Smiley, Bowtun Baked and a few others my brain is currently too fried to remember. I'll be better when the fog has cleared tomorrow. Superb win.
  24. Getting giddy now. Bought half of the club shop stock yesterday for relatives and converts down under. Are there some bloody tinkers squatting around there? Two little fuckers about 12 and 14 came in and started belting footballs around. Threw a few small souvenirs at the staff behind the payment desk, shouted 'this football club is shoite' and 'Liverpool' before they kicked over the mannequins with the kits on in the doorway before legging it. Missus was in TK Maxx reckons they showed up there and caused utter mayhem by the smallest one getting into a wheelie basket and the other one whanging him down an aisle into a pile of clothing racks with shoppers diving out of the way. She said the some pissweed security guard managed to get them out somehow and they then apparently ran round clearing stock off shelves on to the floor in Asda before two bicycle riding Police women rode to the rescue at the double. WTF? Like the fucking wild West! Anyway, any sort of a win today and I'll be a very happy man.
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