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  1. Was intentional hahaha, both are good tbh
  2. Bieber - come around me sorry
  3. I only saw the 2 min highlights, there were two sideways throw ins deep in our half to players immediately caught under pressure, one lucky to play out, the other leading to the second goal. Surely throw ins should be down the line at this level or to a player with no one near him.
  4. Anyone know how much that brass in Corrie is charging? Thanks 🙏
  5. I finally got round to watching Class of 92 full time and realised that while people’s opinion might have softened since he stopped football, Gary Neville is indeed a grade A cunt. Can’t wait till we take over that little shit hole and batter em. It’s almost worth relegation for that
  6. What a fight, fair play to Wilder to have taken it that far. Fury is a legend ...and crackpot
  7. Sorry if I missed already Rudy, but are you able to say what his job is at City
  8. Is there still a fast train like Virgin comfort standard nowadays between Manc and Euston? Thanks
  9. What a load of jizzbroth our manager speaks every week
  10. Wilder lost every round then boom, goodnight Vienna
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