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  1. If we can keep our noses in front thenmaybe a good thing a few teams behind that are much of muchness and taking points of each other? Wouldn't like a three horse race like last year for autos if we don't need too.
  2. If we are in the position of Plymouth, i.e. likely to go up automatically then I would love another trip to Wembley almost as a free hit. Win great, lose, were still getting promoted. If we were only looking at the play-offs, then I would be the other way and would be nervous as hell. Imagine winning twice in the cup, then going a third time in 12 months for a play-off final. I would be convinced we wouldn't win three on the bounce there.
  3. Pretty certain he wouldn't know what it meant
  4. Santos is a fucking imbecile, one pint pot striker who he couldnt be arsed to mark, or too gormless to realise. Take your pick. It's fucking basic
  5. JimmyRiddle


    Kidderminster away please
  6. After the play-offs Evatt admitted we hadn't scored enough goals to go up and he would sort it?. So what's changed, we play in exactly the same way as we have since he has been here, every team knows it, he varies nothing. (Rhetorical, not aimed at you MK) We have a worse squad than last season and are going backwards. Why have a style of.play that time and time again is too easy to stop??? It's madness.
  7. The last half an hour the wingbacks were a total waste of time. We spent so much time moving the ball from side to side and Carlisle were content to leave our wingbacks as the spare man knowing we'd do fuck all. It hinders us. Once the opposition goes like that Evatt needs to react, and go 3 4 3, or 4 3 3 get 3 strikers on across the penalty box and start try drag their centre half's around a bit and play more through the middle. We have had this issue all the way through Evatt's tenure, he hasn't a clue. Is anyone sure what type of football he is trying to achieve, because it is clearly too hard to implement consistently and too easy to stop from the opposition. Teams are already leaving us behind in the league.
  8. Sure we heard all that about Declan John. Not convinced.
  9. Granted, I get that and they did. But I think my point still stands, if a team wants to encourage you up the pitch, why oblige them? I think it was Exeter last year, they tried it and we battered then, many teams have sat in and we struggle.
  10. What I don't understand is why teams try and press us high, that is what we want and encouraging them to do it. So why do some teams accommodate us? While we may fuck it up occasionally, we look devoid of ideas when teams just go and get their shape, sit-in, minimise all the space in their half, and wait for us to stop pissing about with it at the back.
  11. Definitely, Makes a change for sure,
  12. Bod seems the new Declan John?? He is way better than fucking Jerome, something going on.
  13. Who for? Damn beaten to it
  14. Brilliant sub, just brilliant
  15. Well done Jones, kids on the bench, short of defenders and stupid tackle like that. Fucking Amateurs
  16. Totally agree, I try and watch it and just fucks me off. Just a whistle and a ref with his hand up! Utter pish
  17. I think he would though as Red is for denying goalscoring opportunity, which wouldn't have been the case if we'd subsequently scored.
  18. What has he done that's any different tho having an Only Fans account?? Slightly flippant from me not having been that close to it do happy to be corrected, but if the Police are not interested why should your employer??
  19. I never rated Iredale as a LWB so hopefully he will have to play as LCB now.
  20. Yorkshiremen playing really well this match, 🙄
  21. The top team in the play-offs could win the right choose their opponent for the semi's, based on current form rather than points??
  22. Bravo sir, bravo. Nail on head 👏
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