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  1. The top team in the play-offs could win the right choose their opponent for the semi's, based on current form rather than points??
  2. Bravo sir, bravo. Nail on head πŸ‘
  3. I agree about the enforcer bit. However In terms of the 'way we play' I'd prefer a manager who can adapt the to the players he has got at his disposal. (Not saying I want rid of Evatt before the pile on btw!) Fine if this evolves over time, but Evatt's dogmatic approach to how we have to play has cost us a lot of points this season and the last two games are there for everyone to see. To be fair he has tightened up our defence this year from last, so let's hope he knows what needs to be done in midfield and up front as we need to start consistently scoring more than 1 goal a game if we want to go straight up.
  4. We need different fuckin tactics too
  5. Commentators spot on, why have possession if you do nowt. Evatt sets us up in a way that is too hard to win games consistently, we don't score/create enough. A second half of a play off match that you're losing and not one shot on target, crap.
  6. Except at least having some shots
  7. This is poor, Agreed, all the same old shit, being bullied and can't play through midfield.
  8. I think it is the congestion that the defending team want?? Defending headers just need to keep it away from goal, attacking needs be on target etc. Therefore a crowded penalty box is more beneficial to the defending team, less space and opportunity for attackers to lose markers etc. No idea if I'm right but it's the only conclusion I could come up with that fits why they all do it.
  9. They pretty much staying up now with that performance, let's hope they go and enjoy it this weekend!!
  10. Far from it, well up for itπŸ‘ Also think he had a go at smashing Cosgrove late on at Wembley
  11. Agreed, think was NiC? Glad I remembered as was really good.
  12. But the crowds are way bigger now than in 1989. So would think it should correlate into a larger following to Wembley, but seems not if these guesstimates are close??
  13. The ref went and checked Bradley's knee first just to make sure, then carded him as must have been some marks!! The Traf thing, he clearly gets the ball it goes in the opposite direction, if anything the foul is against the Accrington lad. I do wonder what they refs see sometimes.
  14. I thought these were the least impressive of the teams at the top to play at our place. Hopefully a Charlton type performance and we should be ok.
  15. Generally I agree, we are definitely moving forward. Is just these kinda games we struggle. Just frustrating the amount of times the ball gets recycled down each side and back again in these matches without us getting anywhere near goal, we have loads of opportunities to provide a conventional cross but always seem to stop and play it back?? Add that to a reluctance to shoot, but well done Dempsey!! You're right though, Evatt has realised somethings wrong and hopefully the new signings will improve matters.
  16. Which is true, but we had same issues against these types of teams regardless of the pitch to be fair. Just concerns me we don't really seem to be evolving, there is a theme to these kinda games. It would great to be able to win these matches in a way more commensurate with our league positions occasionally. Then you watch the rest of the goals in the division and the defences seem shite, mistakes all over. Yet play us, and they all play like team full of Baresi's, quite annoying.
  17. That fucking 3, he indicated to the bench he was injured then came back on to the pitch and ref watched him do it, before collapsing. Why can't ref just say pop over and politely say, 'you walked back on, so walk back off if you're fucked. 'Play on!' Surely the rules are already there??
  18. The latter for me, at least at Peterborough
  19. This is it for me, a few weeks ago I dreaded the thought of the play-offs as felt collectively we were weak and would struggle with potentially 3 big high pressure games. Thankfully so did IE and seems to have addressed it. So is a tall ask to go up automatically but if we don't, I just want us to be resilient, nasty and hard to beat for the rest of the season. If so, I will go into the play-offs in a far better frame of mind than I would have been otherwise!!
  20. Surely with the amount of atack minded players in the squad now, why do any of our defenders have to take risks with the ball? The risk, IMO, in the way Evatt wants us to play is by getting our defenders up to the opposition box, and that is where Santos is gold in providing cover 1 v 1 against the break. However with the team we have I'm not sure he needs to bother as much with the risky glory ball tbh. Hence why was easier for Aimson to slot in so well recently than the last time he had a run in the team.
  21. Great performance that bar one or two issues, Goal & Santos header! Can really see what Evatt is trying to achieve with that performance. Almost better to have a setback and come back from it in the game, definitely getting more resilient. Signings look good, just hope no serious injuries today.
  22. I think Aimson has to take a lot of credit, whilst pretty unspectacular himself, he just does the job and reads the game well. However, he seems to have organised the back three/five, not only in defending well, but in giving Johnson and Toal the confidence to get up to the opposition box too, like Evatt wants. Johnson did it for a period last season but seemed to have regressed?, but since Aimson has come in the middle they all seem to know what they're doing. It wasn't always the case with Santos, he is not an organiser for me, I just hope Aimson isn't bombed out after his first mistake/poor game for the skipper, think he has earned a decent run.
  23. I agree, definitely highlights our progression.
  24. I don't really think this will happen but would be impressed if Evatt picked John at LWB. All the stuff in the press just to get a reaction in this match until Williams up to speed. Fanciful I know! I hope Williams starts of all the realistic options.
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