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  1. That run by Dapo just was following a ball into the corner by Santos that turned their defence around. Can't we just play a bit simpler sometimes?? It's not that hard
  2. Exactly, gotta put a tackle in first. See Baptiste on bench, if match has gone get him on to just hurt McLean.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if McLean is taken off
  4. Not had a fuckin shot on target and we need to win every match, what exactly are the tactics, utter dross. And as for McLean, someone just nail the cunt
  5. How is Kanchunga anywhere near the first team, he is weak as piss
  6. Our defence is still soft as fuck...
  7. My Dad said same yesterdau, always hitting top of his head.
  8. Cos Kanchunga is a soft cunt, open goal
  9. Why do we fuck about at the back when all it leads to is Santos et al punting it anyway, it's infuriating. Trafford may as well do it and get us up the pitch!?
  10. We are soft as shite, absolutely no aggression at all.
  11. I thought that too, 5 out of 33 from Rochdale/Littleborough, so had big pull then clearly.
  12. Mates an Ipswich fan and said they had utter chaos getting in t'other week, albeit with 7k.
  13. I think the team has improved around MJ so now he looks less of a standout as he has previously. As Mantra says last night Dapo was poor and he was in the 10 position but offered no protection whatsoever to Morley or MJ, was acres of space in front of them someone should have been filling. No coincidence we looked better once Dempsey was in that position. Having said that, I think MJ is having a dip in form too.
  14. Appleton is no mug, he changed their shape to impact our midfield two after first 15. Evatt then made his changes 2nd half, boom!
  15. So good to have a bench that can make a difference. Rest, rotate, and still get results! Proper result that as periods we looked poor, but pulled it back. Not quite sure how they're 17th either.
  16. A Few poor performances for sure
  17. Something wrong with formation in midfield, they're getting to edge of our box without any challenges, too easy
  18. Was thinking about this, anyone know when 19.45 became a thing? Weren't midweek kick-offs 1930 back in the day? Why did it change for sake of 15 minutes, we're used to it now but does seem odd to kick-off on the quarter hour?, or maybe that's just my OCD!
  19. Gutted I missed this! Started a new job few weeks before and couldn’t get time off! Would have happily swapped this trip with euro trip to that shithole of Marseille that I’d already had the ‘pleasure’ of at World Cup 98!!!
  20. When you link memberships, what's the difference between the two options of being able to 'assign' or 'manage' tickets for folk in your network, and vice versa?? Ta
  21. Dadi looked a proper player. Class.
  22. Really??, we've had a soft centre for crosses since Evatt and Santos have been here. It should've been tightened up
  23. I imagine some deviants on here are hoping so, along with Auntie Shaz having good rythem to finish them off like clockwork!!
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