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  1. So some stats, make of them what you will; 13 games, 50 shots on target 20 goals which seems a fair ratio. However, we had 11 shots against Cambridge, which was universally lauded as the best we have played all season, despite the twitchy ending. The next highest was 5 shots. Take Cambridge out of the equation, we had 39 shots on target over 12 games, ave 3.25 a game, or one shot every 28 mins!. I have no bench mark, but that seems extremely low, especially for a team on such an excellent run as we are and with the resources we have in the 4th division. But it would explain
  2. @Whitesince63 quite! And if we have a squad littered with players who should be playing at a higher level, as per quotes from virtually every opposition manager. Adding them to the best striker in the division, and a possession based philosophy; we should be able to punish teams more than we are.
  3. In the same vein really, collectively I wish we created more chances and he is a key component to that, but as I said before I have never questioned his finishing (other than his heading!!) In a better team he can be anonymous so long as he takes his chances. I do think he could have been rotated like everyone else, he looked gone, but then he had a cracking all-round game against Cambridge, but IE knows better than me so happy to go with his decision. He is a decent player at this level clearly, I am just not convinced he is the right type of striker to contribute fully to the way w
  4. No one is saying flat out for 90 mins but herein lies the difference, City generally create a lot of opportunities, and we just don't. Most games the opposition keeper has very little to do. Fair play to IE because he has mitigated this to a degree by making us harder to beat. And more often than not one goal has been enough in this latest run. But 8 out of the 11 wins have been by a single goal, so I see this as a clear risk, as does IE I suspect. A few dodgy refereeing decisions, an injury here or there and we may start going back the way. But let's be honest, on the run we are on,
  5. You seem to have an unhealthy interest in my view of Doyle? And your not quoting me there btw, I think he should have scored far more goals than he has. But I stand by it, we don't create enough as a team, and he is fundamental to that. He can't head, and his hold up play is bang average. I have, however, never questioned his finishing, and indeed praised his great penalities and that excellent finish today. But when we were shit he was a luxury as he didn't influence the wider game enough for me as top strikers should. Now we are more on blob with better players around then it
  6. Some of you lot take far too much pride in your shite puns
  7. Of the 10 wins in this run 7 have been by a single goal. I hope the second half is when we actually create and score a few and reduce the stress!
  8. Proper finish, excellent!
  9. What were the reasons for him leaving so soon after winning the Golden Boot?
  10. It does seem to, but often wonder why teams don't just drop deep and let us have it?? When we were conceding goals earlier in the season then pressing us caused errors. Now we good why do they bother, especially as it creates spaces further up the pitch for us to utilise.? I think we struggle to break down teams who sit in deep.
  11. Thing is, being so cocksure over your tactics means the opposition know full well how you will play, so can counter it. PV did it last week to be fair, and these lot are too. So if we can't play the way we want, or are prevented from doing so, what's our Plan B??
  12. Has there been any word as to why he wasn't in the squad??
  13. Their tactics are spot on unfortunately, need to figure it out.
  14. Exactly! More concerned about our performance so far, sure it'll be rest.
  15. Great goal, proper finsih, linked up well then Doyle too! Glad he has been listening to my pointers!! 😋
  16. Think I'd read he had tight hamstring, or groin on Saturday? Maybe that's it..
  17. I agree to an extent, but Doyle doesn't help from open play, he is never trying to get across the defender to the near post, or even on their shoulder, he is always on his heels on crosses. Watch him, he just drifts towards the back post or pulls back into space, but the wingers have clearly been told to drill it across the 6 yard box so why isn't he attacking it? He made that one in the first half look worse than it was. We were told this is what he thrived on, balls being whipped in; well now we're doing it, clearly not! Our centre forward has to be as culpable as anyone for t
  18. 2 shots on target, despite all the good football and possession, therein lies the problem for me,
  19. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/19132194.didnt-work-doyle-bradford-city/ Explains a lot, doesn't like heading apparently!
  20. I'm on a H&S course currently, and just been shown the ubiquitous Bradford fire video. We played them earlier that season and my Dad took me, I was 10 and remember watching through the gaps in wooden sleepers the women underneath the stand making brews etc. I thought that stand was where the away fans seats were, certainly that's where my Dad took me? But not sure there there any Lincoln fans killed? Anybody know? Also forgotten that Felgate and JT playing for Lincoln that day too. Bad shit.
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