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  1. Absolutely nailed it, we show glimpses, but nothing more.
  2. Fair enough, you're probably right. I just can't get past the squad he has been able to assemble yet how shit we actually are!! Evatt drives me nuts if not obvious!! ☺️
  3. Come on a long way?? What planet are you on. We are 5 places of bottom of the effing football league and got a manager who thinks he's Pep. And, not sure whether this has been mentioned Evatt has the huge advantage in attracting players pureley based on the size of our club, players otheranthwr managers would.love to have, and he still can't get a tune out of them. The guys is a fraud in my opinion, an articulate, and well presented but a con-man all the same.
  4. The game management following the sending off was poor, we were all over the place, another aspect Evatt lacking. We had 20mins to defend, but of course couldn't manage it.
  5. Or Doyle actually tried to get to the front Post before the defender rather than just standing there?
  6. They could have score 4 or 5 at a canter, yes we played some good stuff occasionally but still looked laboured to me. Who is that guy from Lincoln, shit! That corner at the end criminal. Those subs just to massage Evatt's ego on the talent he has brought in, well that worked you cock. And oh yes, we still can't defend and have an OAP in goal. Just fuck off Evatt, it we had potted months ago we may be nearer top than bottom.
  7. Fuck off Evatt you are a cunt!
  8. He definitely did, at one point he was nearest player to our free kick deep in our half, that was ironically kicked upfield! As I remember thinking 1 why is he so close to the defenders and 2 shouldn't he be on the end of the free kick?
  9. He wasn't the best, and messed a few things up, but I think Isgrove is Ok. He looks like a footballer, puts a shift in and works some good openings.
  10. We are just generally v poor
  11. What do we practice, basics are awful at times?
  12. Not the first time, we just don't keep it up the pitch,
  13. So is Gilks it then, always assumed we'd be getting a keeper in Jan??
  14. 3 5 1 1 Baptiste/Brockbank. Santos. Greenidge Lee. Tutte. Thomason Isgrove/Jones Jackson/John Doyle Fonz/Miller I think Arthur should prob start but IE commented on his poor defensive attributes so maybe not as a wingback if we play three at the back?
  15. JimmyRiddle


    I've got massive concerns Evatt's ego is bigger than his talent, but fair do's, he has got a challenging job but shows he wants to do the right thing and seems to care. Obviously I hope him and FV do turn it around for the benefit of all.
  16. I don't disagree, and if playing wide of a front three also think Arthur should start too. However, I don't think Doyle as the no. 9 is working, hence Fonz, (or Miller?) as the target with Doyle sniffing around. Much like Madine and Le Fondre. I'm not extolling the virtues of Fonz, just I think a change of shape may help us.
  17. I want Fonz up front with Doyle sniffing around him, I don't think its working with Doyle as the front man. On the assumption Fonz turns up that is, I'd just like us to be able to keep the ball up the pitch for a period.
  18. Fair enough, maybe for the best if we play them.later with a bit more form??
  19. Drove down M1 today, never got below 3 degrees and pissing down, only real snow was near Northampton, no way it can be frozen!
  20. I think two holding midfielders was what was needed when we were playing 3 5 2, shore us up a bit. Whether that Tutte and Comley is another debate
  21. JimmyRiddle


    Thought you could only play for two clubs a season, although if he was only sub at Luton maybe it doesn't count?
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