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  1. I am hoping having Baka up front with the ability to hold the ball up may mean only Sheehan needs to play close to him, Lee can help MJ more and just hit box when play dictates. Much like the Davies, Nolan, Speed trio did.
  2. Was taking the piss tbh but I agree, unfair to lay it on just HB for Saturday, the other two have had plenty of chances.
  3. Two out of three ain't bad!
  4. Stormed off after all being benched!! 🤔😂
  5. I think more questions need to be focussed on Evatt's selections. He chose Baka in front of him and that clearly didn't work, when he could have chosen Isgrove to help HB out a bit? So I would hope IE admits some culpability.
  6. Doyle for Baka, let's just give ourselves an easy out ball given all the changes that are coming and the disruption it will have on how much total football we play! Don't know much about Aimson but he looked ok against Liverpool so maybe worth a debut against his old team too..
  7. I watched it like a fool. Interesting to note nothing shown behind the scenes after kickoff, hardly surprising really...
  8. I don't disagree in him wanting his style but shouldn't he be more open minded to alternate ways of playing when needs must? As an example Wigan were turning the ball around and up the pitch and on the edge of our box in a matter of seconds, we never do that? And this was from our free kicks and corners!!. We're Wigan not entertaining for there fans, playing in there style? No General goes on a battlefield with a single strategy or tactic. Evatt needs a little dose of pragmatism, a plan B, C and D to manage what is going on in front of him. It doesn't mean he has to go away from his beliefs in the wider context but should be a little more open minded to alternatives in my opinion.
  9. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2021/august/wanderers-go-on-the-attack-with-kachunga-acquisition/ Primary target from Evatt's quotes, and I agree he would be nigh on impossible to move on I would suspect.
  10. Thought he was the one he had been chasing all summer??? If so.....
  11. Best team in the league, Evatt brings it on with his bollocks!
  12. Reflections was a good doo! Pissed...
  13. Bloody hell Max, we agree on something! 🤣 More widely with the McLean debate can we all please refer to it by its proper name - Londonderry. Not keen on using rebel parlance!
  14. I think you're right and this is probably about where we are...
  15. It genuinely wasn't, although get why you may have thought that, and Doyle is the most recent for me!! But h.ave thought it before, do managers get any independent feedback on their squad? As working day in day out with people naturally leads to blindspots I would have thought, like anywhere.
  16. Because some people are nicer than others, some connections are easier to forge, like any group dynamic. I don't mean intentionally. Pretty sure every fan can think of a player they have been bemused are picked week on week over the years.
  17. I have often wondered if there would be value in clubs employing independent ex footballers/managers to watch the games and see if their appraisal of the players matches the manager's & coaching team. Someone with no relationship with any player. As I often think, like any organisation and management, people will have favourites and it sways decision making. So does that keep them in the team longer than a wanker? Do they get more leeway coz they're a good egg, even though the output has dipped?? Every manager is accused of having favourites, maybe this would provide some objective feedback? NB. It may already happen for all I know!
  18. Haha, you have nailed it there! Tickled me that 🤣
  19. I'll be back by then but be picking my Dad and mate up from Rochdale, usually just park at Holiday Inn and go in Harvesters/Scotts, but if gonna be manic can't be arsed tbh, just want a couple of pints before maybe some lunch. Alternative is a few in Manc and come up on train.
  20. Can't be arsed faffing around Middlebrook if gonna be difficult to get a drink. Wheres best place to come of M61 northbound for a pint, within 10/15mins of ground? Will just drive on before kick-off. Cheers
  21. Element of truth to it then just over the last week or so; Shrewsbury were much better than anticipated and Sheff Wed shit, which corroborates them being the league's underachievers and over acheivers respectively, according to that table.
  22. What is this exactly, seen references to it, but is there idiot's guide somewhere?? Ta
  23. Baptiste in the middle and Santos at right back to smash McLean v hard. If Carlsberg did team selections....
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