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  1. Very droll, and sure he will and you make a great point by highlighting the huge problem. We will need to go back to a striker who has scored 2 pens and a header from a set piece by December, non from open play. Just let that sink in 3 goals, 2 pens and non from open play and people defend him, I honestly don't get why people are so defensive about him. How many games have we failed to score at all with him playing. And here is the massive issue in that Evatt absolutely failed to improve on Doyle. He played Baka and Kacha wide right when fit so clearly they weren't direct replacements, and in fact spends match after match blowing smoke up Doyle's arse despite his declining performances. Yet here we are, lots of shoulda woulda coulda games where Doyle missed sitters in every one, and these games are likely to bite us in the arse one way or another. And now Doyle will somehow become our saviour for some I'm sure!??? Based on what exactly, I've no idea. Anyway, Doyle is way down the pecking order in the issues at the club currently. It's good FV committed to funding Jan signings, only concern is if we are nowhere near in the league Dapo may well be seen as low hanging fruit by others.
  2. Not quite, he has stated Kanchunga was tracked all through the summer, so free he may be but was Evatt's choice.
  3. Maybe, will watch it again, still think it was a fluke mind, luck were having at the mo
  4. The header was a fluke, Vokes got above Baps and just directed it goal wards hoping for the best and it dropped in the top corner. I don't rate Dixon but very little he could do, the work needs to come in stopping the cross and I think it's seriously worrying that's not been drilled into them given how many goals weve conceded from crosses. I would have liked to see them busting a gut to prevent the issue at the source.
  5. Far too easy to take a throw in and get a cross in in two or three touches, absolute no effort to stop it coming in. Wank. Baptiste then weak
  6. Serious question, but wasn't Kanchunga bought as a striker?? Or has he always played wide right in his career?, in which case his scoring record makes more sense
  7. I don't disagree, but many people think Evatt will change the world in January despite signing shite like this? That's the worry And I'm not sure he is a striker as played wide right every match, so genuinely not sure?
  8. Get to fuck you condescending prick. I don't know who that's not my job. What I do know is it s not that hard to score 19 goals in the 4th division when you take penalties and play every minute. But I do know is Doyle is fucking bang average and you or no one else can give any tangible evidence of his proficiency. And while we scraped promotion last season, his lack of talent has been absolutely exposed this season, as I have been pointing out since Xmas, despite the shit I get. And many other posters have seen it too now, but it's fine I'll take the flak...
  9. Well clearly if Doyle wasn't there, we would have had an alternative.
  10. Would we, we would have an alternate striker who may have completed Evatt's style more. That's just nonsense. Doyle was Ok at best in 4th division and is decidedly lacking in the 3rd.
  11. Well this I agree with, my criticism of Doyle was in making a decent team better, but bigger issues in the team now.
  12. Glad you admit you know fuck all. John Thomas 28 goals last time we in 4th division as a comparison. Doyle 364 minutes per goal, and that includes the Mickey mouse matches. So again tell me what is so great about him? No one ever gives anything.
  13. No, just people keep calling me out on it? No one has yet actually given a competent answer to the love in on Doyle, other than he runs about a bit.
  14. You work in football so you think you know it all. A proper striker we woul have pissed the season last year. No goals from open play all season, mid November, please let me know what is so wonderful about friendly Irish electrician??
  15. How's he getting on this season 🤣
  16. Bang average, 19 goals, super amazing
  17. Not sure what you're on about, I merely think your bum boy Doyle is gash, as for the rest let's debate.
  18. Left on their own? Dunno what you mean really. We should have the wherewithal to play with two in the middle of the park against non-league opposition shouldn't we? d
  19. I thought Lee looked very poor last night, yes he has some nice touches here and there but the game passed him by completely, he looked no better than Comley. I know everyone else was garbage too, but he comes with a pedigree. Another in the too soft category for me as well.
  20. Can we trust Evatt to sign decent ones though. If he tracked Kanchunga all summer god help us
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