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  1. I like Gartside we couldn't ask for a better Chairman. He is a Bolton fan through and through. Under his leadership we made it to the top flight of English football with a small budget. I have got even more respect for Eddie Davies. Bolton fans don't know how lucky we are. It was bad enough moving away from Burnden Park, but the day we sell out to a foreign Corporate will be a sad day indeed. You don't know how good you have got it until it's gone. I have only just got into this Twitter lark, I'm still getting used to it. can someone tell me the link to follow Garty please. Also if I follow WWays what will I be letting myself in for ?
  2. Zozzy

    Made Me Laugh

    No , Economy classhe's one of us
  3. Zozzy


    I was queuing at the bank cash machine the other day and guess who was in front of me, Harry Redknapp's dog
  4. hello carlos its nice to interact with you again my long lost interweb buddy.
  5. Collymore got sent off for lamping sunbed after a late tackle. it was an away match, playing for Villa I think In an unrelated incident in a hotel Andy Todd tw&tted sunbed after a few beers Two things I think of when Collymore is mentioned. His man of the match performance in a home game against Forest , and when we went to Varsity in town for one of them 5Live talk show efforts. When Collymore was introduced the Bolton Fans Booed :: Nobody on stage was expecting it, Jonathon Pierce turned to Collymore and said what's that about? (ps that was the first night I met a lad off Wanderersways "Hello Zozzy I'm Underpants" ) quick question : Is Stan Collymore the only player to be sent off against us on two seperate occasions ?
  6. I'll be there, I'll be there, whenever you need me, I'll be there You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back Where there is beer, I'll be there
  7. Sorry I haven't replied earlier I have been on holiday for a few days (booked and paid for it months ago of course) Thanks for the offer Ani but he passed his driving test three weeks ago. I have just bought him his first car (just before this other carpet fitter bloke won in the bookies of course) thanks for the nice positive comments on here about me I feel like I have come back from the dead I can't really say I am a carpet fitter these days as I have only fitted about half a dozen carpets in the last few months, one of them today I suppose I am semi-retired Happy, you cheeky fecker I don't look 60 at all, - But the big 'five 0' is creeping up on me Anyway I have to dash we are having a New Kitchen fitted (they started it a week before the lucky carpet bloke won his wonga of course)
  8. thats tempting , the pint of Dark in there is lovely mmmmmmm cheeky pato
  9. We are staying up We are staying up ! For a start there are only going to be two relegation places to fill because highflying currently mid-table QPR will fill the other imo Another four points from the next two games is easily achievable. Then there will be a complete change in attitude from the players and fans, a belief . We played well against Villa who are better opposition than what we have got coming up. Onwards and Upwards Come On You Whites zoz x
  10. I hope Alonso is a better footballer than he is a poker player. Is there anything you want me to ask him next time we are on the same table? (zozzy mixing with all the A-List Celebs ) It was a few months ago in the casino he was with another young Wanderers hopeful who was then sold on a week later to a lower league team. I can't remember the other lad's name but his agent reckons he will be back in the Premiership.
  11. Ive been inundated with texts congrats its been great catching up with old friends :: I played in a poker tourney in Manchester on tuesday ?50 entry fee 102 players, and shared 2nd place for ?1K each. The first couple of texts I got I thought 'how did they find out about this ?"
  12. They won't be needing the fancy dress gorilla outfits for Wembley then. I would keep hold of them for Europe though. You never know
  13. are you alive?

  14. RIP Nat Lofthouse 'One Club' Man Player, Manager, President He was Proud to be a Wanderer lots of respect from Zozzy
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