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  1. Dortmund capacity higher for domestic games (standing) v European (no standing)
  2. Same folk complaining about politics in football are probably the same who sing “no surrender” “2 world wars, 1 World Cup” etc ❄️
  3. ALF would love this system, only a year older than Doyle. If he’s fit it’s an upgrade. I’d take Clough too on this basis.
  4. A good listen for those who want an impartial weekly review of us and the whole league in general. L2 starts at 26:20 and the BWFC at 39:15 https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/d3d4-football-podcast-ep164-banoffee-pie-good/id1260929124?i=1000512917013
  5. Cheers I can’t think of a better gif. The McGinlay celebration, the pitch invasion, the stand in the background going mental
  6. If someone knows how to make a gif from a YouTube video 2:50-2:53 would be immense
  7. I was at the cup win during the Sasa season in the Prem. We filled 2 stands. I’d take a draw.
  8. I’m my top 3 games. Left straight from school. There a few more new uploads from Andy Brandwood since Christmas
  9. I’d be delighted with Madine. We are -11 + and will be fighting to survive. We need the most pragmatic approach. We need to scrap and battle for every point. Anyone expecting a better brand of football can’t see past the end of their nose.
  10. Having a beer 🍺 Up The Whites!
  11. Bassini just rang my brother in law, who is a minor creditor of BWFC. He offered to pay what is owed in full (not the 13%). My brother in law asked for the offer in writing. Bassini got flustered and said “Steve, Take them off the list” then hung up. Fruit cake
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