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  1. Any spares for today????
  2. Still in bed in hotel in Cardiff,beltin weekend.
  3. Stemed,burned,pissed and happy as fook.What a weekend.
  4. What time do the tickets go on sale Sunday? Might have a ride up
  5. Starting to worry,booked 2 weeks in Mexico in May,land back play off final day at 9 in morn.
  6. Horrible away game,no pubs near the ground,went last season,lost 7-1.lost my phone.Imaout. (Be in Munich anyhow ) Oh and we'll shit um
  7. Outstanding day out,we should have won it not that i remember much of the final.
  8. Medo and Dannes out.Trotts and Feeney in.Will shit um.
  9. Joe Mason signed yet? Been away
  10. Ill still be getting my 2 pints at HT,why moan? Wont do anygood
  11. Best game of cricket ive been too,fanfuckingtastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got my Ticket for Finals day.
  12. M G WHITES


    Might see him Tuesday when am at Nou Camp
  13. Out if Lancs make Finals day,in if we dont.
  14. Head mashed,do i set off at 12 or wait around all day to see if we play before setting off?.Can start as late as 9.45pm. Bastard soaked i was yesterday(as well as hammered)
  15. Best home game Blackburn Best away Yeovil Player of the season Juke Best away pub Spoons Yeovil
  16. They are a bag of shite,jammy fucks.
  17. 3800 Brum have sold.Thats all they got
  18. Biggest home win of the season,be over in first ten mins.Bye bye Brum.Wankers
  19. Best away this season,was Beckford born offside? We outclassed them all over the park.Freedmen out,not
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