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  1. All East Lower plus all of South.
  2. I assume your daughter didn’t introduce him as, “Hi dad, meet Dave, he’s a Manchester Uni…” “GET HIM OUT OF MY HOUSE!”
  3. Daughter’s just phoned me to tell me. She was kind of deflated when I told her I knew.
  4. That isn’t quite how it’s worded. Doesn’t mention FACup games for rest of this season.
  5. MickyD


    Fairly sure the glasses issue is more a police thing. Probably because we have some real twats supporting Bolton who wouldn't think twice about shoving a glass into someone's face or indiscriminately in the air.
  6. Everton were no angels either. That away leg of league cup was proper running-the-gauntlet stuff.
  7. Thing is, Southgate was there but I bet Maguire, as shit as he has been recently, keeps his place.
  8. Ey mate, ‘ave yer got der right time?
  9. Looks more like Martin Clunes.
  10. MickyD


    Always seems strange when we go to away games and there’s very few pubs you can’t get a drink. Away fans visiting a Wanderers game though can go nowhere.
  11. I wasn’t aware a shot blocked by an outfield player doesn’t get classed as on target but a shot saved by the keeper is. As an aside, for those of us who have been watching 40+ years, do defensive blocks seem a lot more prevalent in today’s game than they were in the 70s & 80s or is it just my shit memory?
  12. Stall holders who were selling half and half scarves pre-match have made a killing selling half and half nooses after the game.
  13. Well if they’re playing a percentage game that sooner or later a low corner will sneak through, sack the statistician.
  14. One or two United fans flicking Ole the Vs as he walked to tunnel. Loving that stat. 70 years since they were last 4-0 down at half time. The mighty Wanderers.
  15. We want five! I dislike Liverpool but I despise DMBs
  16. Yes, I think my armourer is the same guy who gave Alec Baldwin the blank firing pistol.
  17. As Bolton fans we knew exactly what IE meant when he said we were the best footballing team in the league. We had between 60 & 75% possession in almost all our games against some good clubs. Cambridge (lost 1-0 despite 74% possession Burton (drew 0-0 - 75%) Rotherham (lost 2-0 - 71%) Sunderland (lost 1-0 - 56%) Sheffield W (lost 1-0 - 61%) Wigan (lost 4-0 - 60%) Plymouth (lost 3-0 - 60%) Gillingham (drew 2-2 - 76%) Just look at those possession stats. We are the best footballing team in the division. If we can’t use the possession to our advantage, what’s the point? Evert’s comments were made in this context. That hasn’t stopped other teams taking it all out of context though.
  18. A question relating to Sheehan's corners. (Or anyone else's for that matter) These special codes a player does either before or after he places the ball down, do they mean anything? Often a player raises either one or two arms. Sheehan raises the ball above his head. He did this for every corner he took and from both sides yesterday. Is it a sign of where he's kicking the ball? If it is he needs to adjust the code because from where I was watching from, ball above head means I'm going to aim for the first defender.
  19. Is anyone familiar enough with Portsmouth to be able to pre-plan a pub. Anyway, probably Wetherspoons.
  20. At some stage IE will have spoken to his bosses. He'll have known they'd back him before anything happened.
  21. MickyD


    Certainly cheaper than 4 tickets on train I'd imagine
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