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  1. MickyD

    Jake Daniels

    Isn't this why Philip Schofield came out? Some red-top paper had threatened to break the story.
  2. Get down to the Shire. Great day out
  3. Just spent the day at Greenfield watching Bradshaw. Very pretty little ground surrounded by high hills. Bradshaw knocked 325 for 6 then skittled Greenfield for 148
  4. In the home table, could someone with a degree in statistics explain how they split average attendances into weekend and evening games, where in both we just pip Charlton, yet overall, they pip us. How the fuck does that happen?
  5. Out of stubbornness doesn't come into it. Out of habit, out of forgetfulness I'll grant you but sad bastards for doing so?
  6. What? No bacon butties just before a game?
  7. What horrendous fences! They really didn’t consider the safety of the crowds, did they? Anyway, wild stab, Coventry.
  8. If we sign him @Underpantswill be along to sort out a song thread.
  9. Just listened to TalkSport following the game. First caller was a Wednesday fan from Essex who was complaining Bannan was a £30k/week luxury they could do without. I reckon he was easily their best player at our place. At least fickleness isn’t reserved for Bolton fans. But £30k/week…. Wow!
  10. I wanted to buy at £50 but they weren’t available.
  11. What’s the deal with the two ESL blocks? Are they going to check future inhabitants have the correct ticket for the seat they’re occupying or are they going to keep allowing it to remain a free-for-all safe standing area with a ring of coppers just to add a bit to the feeling of oppressive behaviour?
  12. Not at all but his certainly did! The lad in front of us is looking at buying the next three along as he’s a proper big fucker and likes to stand up.
  13. I’ve just bought the seat to the left of my seat as a junior. £69 but has the following advantages: The lad who sat there most of last season and who likes to sit “side-saddle” with his arse on my leg. It gives me a guaranteed extra should anyone need a home ticket. One extra Client Ref for away tickets Ticket for ‘free upgrade’ games. My extra one on the published crowd could make a difference.
  14. MickyD


    Are you thinking of Dick Strawbridge?
  15. Thrown out 0 Refused entry 0 although threatened to be refused, 2 or 3 Mingling in away end, a few. Most notable Bristol City where about 6 of us decided it may be a laugh. Fortunately, as the local dickheads realised, so did the coppers. Got escorted around the pitch to rapturous applause from rest of Bolton fans. I stopped the adrenaline-fed shakes about half way up the M6 which was strange; we’d gone down on the train but felt it safer to go out with the bigger mob and onto a coach. Arrested 0 Pitch invasions,probably about 5. Bans 0
  16. Horwich, you predict doom and gloom almost every season.
  17. mixed it with former footballer David Cross (ex Rochdale, Norwich, Coventry, WBA, WHU, Bolton.) who was at Bradshaw to watch his son play cricket. A broken skull meant he didn’t play much for us but he signed on the same day as Big Sam. A thoroughly interesting chap. Big mates with BSA and Keith Hill. His daughter plays cricket for Lancashire and England.
  18. Makes Ian Holloway look like a normal run-of-the-mill manager.
  19. MickyD


    Liverpool according to Wiki. Old Roan to be precise.
  20. He’s fucked off with the posters who said we don’t score from set pieces.
  21. Liverpool fans have had the first 24 hours of cheap aeroplane tickets. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  22. MickyD


    Come on fellas, let’s not.
  23. MickyD

    Dapo Afolayan

    Damn you, spellcheck!
  24. You say asphalt, I recall it was more like a cinder filling
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