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  1. Ownership may have changed since then, it may have been Adamson's in 2018 I can't remember now.
  2. OK fair comment, can you remember who you dealt with? Was it Zulf or Karin by any chance?
  3. Wife used to work for Eric Smith at the bottom of chorley new/old road, we've sent a free of our friends to them.
  4. Got completely out boxed, and wants to fight a Pro Boxer.... Just go a hide under a rock and never come back out.
  5. I know, he looks a fresh a daisy.....Credit to Smith but Canelo is just another level.
  6. Kearsley roundabout..... As a kid coming home from me holidays from Cornwall knowing where I am and knowing I'm back home in Bolton.
  7. Great cheers, my next worry is for her to be spayed.....weve no kids so this is our baby 😂👍
  8. Thank her for me and we will have a 3rd booster 👍👍
  9. Spider.... Do me a favour and ask your Mrs what her opinion is on giving a Rottweiler a third Parvo injection at 6 months old? I've read loads of different things saying black and tan dogs require a third booster for Parvo.... Cheers pal.
  10. Need a bigger heart than that, shouldn't take a knee.
  11. Wife would go mad, already got a border collie and rottweiler 😄
  12. I will give that a go...... I will probably need to get a loft company in then to proof it as they would probably end up coming back eventually.
  13. One of the neighbours garden is a shit hole, not with food or anything but with garden waste, I always seem to think this is where they may be breeding etc but we've never seen any rats outside and the council checked all that out.
  14. Not sure, we seem to think they gain access through the wall cavities then climb up the wall into the loft, once in the loft they can get into all four houses. We thought they was coming through the main drain sewer but we have had cameras down and we can't see any damage to the drain.
  15. Every few years we seem to get rats in the loft, the bastards run between our house and the three connected. The council have been out numerous times to use prison to kill them but they can't seem to find the entry point therefore they keep returning..... Has any one had any experience of this and how they overcame it, I'm thinking of getting a loft company in to completely make the loft rat safe and to find any possible entrance that they may be finding..... Don't want a cat got two dogs!
  16. Go back to bed, get up again and enjoy the win for fucks sake!
  17. Went watching baseball in New York and really didn't understand what was happening so I went over to a group of lads to ask for the basics... They said "we don't know either were from Preston"
  18. Should have played Benny Hill music in the background then.
  19. Shouldn't have gone to pens, he should have scorsd.
  20. The thing I don't understand about that fight was Persoon was obviously the better fighter but in the interview after the fight she said she deserved to lose, bizzare.
  21. Spot on! He nearly looked in tears at the end of the interview.
  22. Yes he got away with one, blowing after round 5 and never looked in the fight.
  23. Jack cullen fighting on the Dillian Whyte undercard now.
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