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  1. Party's are for celebration's......This should be cancelled
  2. I convinced some friends to come to the reebok for the first time when the ?5.00 offer was on for the game against Wigan. They got the bug and decided to attend today's game. After parking up at the Scotts bar some idiot in his Bolton colours decided to kick his wing mirror off his car! So proud to be a wanderer over the past week and some clown completely ruin's other fans day.
  3. I can't believe some people are saying Ryo was poor today....this was his third full appearance in the premiership. Not only that he was playing on the right wing instead on his favored left.
  4. So that's 47,000 that went to Carlisle on that wet Tuesday night
  5. Correct! Just show's you that some of these numpty's don't even have a clue what they are going on about!
  6. Try to tempt Ray Wilkins into management!
  7. No leaders on the pitch!. We need someone to grab the game by the scruff off the neck and show some battle and fight!
  8. man united have also decided to change the stadium name to the paxo stadium due to the stuffing from man city the other week.
  9. Try the REEBOK....Great atmosphere in there too!!!
  10. HIt the center of the wheel rim a couple of times with a rubber mallet, this should release the brakes....works every time for me!
  11. Brilliant! Worked a treat, Thanks.
  12. can't get internet connection so i can't download it.
  13. we did restore but it did not restore far enough back to before the problem started and therefore it did not work. installed all updates for windows but still nothing. any other suggestions greatly appreciated.
  14. internet on laptop was working fine but then yesterday started having trouble. the internet takes forever to load up. then it crashes and says not responding. had Google chrome installed so uninstalled this and reverted back to explorer but same trouble. Google site will load but then when try to go on anything else it says the page can not be found. i have reset explorer settings. the laptop says i have connection to my sky broadband and that the connection is excellent. i can't understand why explorer won't therefore work. any help would be appreciated. cheers
  15. Two lads tried to mug me in Amsterdam......One got threw into a shop window and cut his head open and the other ran off after I gave chase!
  16. Only one game....its only three if its violent conduct!
  17. I am no expert but I have had tropical fish for about 15 years and only really struggled when I first started off mixing fish and changing water ect. I generally do a 10% water change once every 2/3 weeks (replacing water using tap safe which can be bought from BAS ect). Then about every 3/4 months do a big water change (possibly 50%) cleaning all the filters and ornaments that are in the tank. If your tank has a good filter system I feel there is no real need for water changes as often.
  18. 10% weekly seems to high to me, you are increasing the risk of white spot changing the water so often due to bad water ect. I had a bad case of white spot and did a half tank water change and upped the temperature to 30 degrees and it worked a treat. The instructions on the treatment are usually bob on.
  19. Is there any need for such abuse? I have never swore at you, chill out!
  20. Board predicted 4 points from first 5 games......Actual 3 points....no panic, one behind prediction...end of topic.
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