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  1. Too young for the early seventies, but there is definitely that feel. Would love to do Port Vale but got to work. I'm 53 but feel like a giddy 18 year old. COYWs
  2. Jack Grealish reminds me of Paul Gasgoine, but a poor man's version.
  3. I'd side with Gazza, but to say Rooney didn't commit seems bizarre. Both great English players.
  4. Yes me too. Seems like a really decent guy. Our loss, Birminghams gain
  5. EE seem to get it judging the lads sat behind me.
  6. Agreed. Need to see this a lot more. Thought England looked ok tonight but Germany better, I’d give either team a shout in the World Cup
  7. Doesn’t open til 12 though. Is it not a 12.30 kick off?
  8. Getting beat by them is my biggest fear. It correlates to us getting beat by Wigan
  9. Actually thinking about it, that couldn’t happen either, doh
  10. Just imagine Qatar, USA, Iran, UAE. Group of spazzers
  11. Were you on Chorley Old Road this afternoon playing real life frogger? I’m sure it was you I had to stop for 😀
  12. Goldstein sounds like he’s trying to take the piss out of anyone he is talking to whether it be a caller or a fellow presenter. Can’t stand that fucker.
  13. Crewe’s is usually like a bowling green
  14. Been to most of the aforementioned but Accrington away a few weeks ago for me. Worst away day ever, pissed wet through, shit pubs, apart from Grants, absolutely shit performance, but mainly the behaviour of our fans on the terrace towards friendly stewards. Then listening to two old boys on the train home talking absolute shite to each other. Could have called them out on loads of stuff they were saying but decided to keep quiet. At least at all the others mentioned I’ve salvaged a good day out. Maybe I was just not in the mood. Walked home from Bolton train station to westhoughton in the pissing rain as there was no buses or taxis free. Had a shit kebab at some shitty kebab shop near Hulton Lane on the walk back. Vowed never to go to an away game again. Recent events have made me rethink 🤔
  15. I honestly don’t know and haven’t googled it
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