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  1. I think Graham was the main shareholder who may have sold.
  2. Not the end of the world. Didn't pass the ball
  3. Poss Gaz too, he'll defo be late πŸ˜†
  4. I'd expect Gaz going down a league. He'll get a bigger wedge than at Colls to. Gaz stuggled with injuires, It was obvious when I was asked at the final to take "one last pic" of Gaz, Ben, Laffs and Clive they where not going to be staying.
  5. Wondered why he asked me what I was doing next season πŸ™„ told him watching football and drinking beer! Looking at the stiffs new Hospitality ST's. πŸ˜™
  6. Or you stick em on a contract and they stop scoring 😁
  7. I think Cunny has a decent budget, I've no idea what Colls is. We needed a 20 goals a season striker, I know Brad looked everywhere for one but in this league it's Β£500 a week minimum.
  8. As per our chat on Wed, I predicted this a few moths ago. Bailey as already announced he's looking for a club near to where he lives. Joel will be snapped up, Luca too. Macc wanted him last Aug. New manager, new players. Our Tom is hanging his tablet up and supping Poretti with me next season 😝
  9. Southport had lost there last 7 on the bounce after winning 9 nil in the semi of last nights cup. TBH not much between the teams, they've spent a bit of cash, was told most on £300 a week min. Some fans not happy and were calling for the managers head during the game, the "Southport massive", most with high pitched voices... 😁
  10. I'm expecting a different squad next season, wouldn't be suprised if some of the lads get picked up by Macc.
  11. No pal, season finished last Sat, with 10 mins to go they were down, then Cusani hit a 40 yard volley which bounced in front (or just behind) of the dving keeper in to the net, it's on twitter. Stayed up by one point. Nothing between 3rd bottom and just below play off positions.
  12. Colls lost last night in Lancs Cup Final v Southport at Leyland on pens, could have gone either way in the 90 mins. Good to catch up with @Carlos With my Alan Nixon head on, I reckon it's the end of an era...
  13. Second series of The Curse on All 4 on Thursday. Big Mick πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  14. Easyjet released flight for Xmas/New Year this morning. Fouth one now booked for this year πŸ‘ Gonna enjoy this "no working" lark 😁
  15. All our W10/11 and office are through M365 Premium accounts. But I need owt like Visio I use CJS Keys: Home & Student Office 2019 key Β£9.49 https://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/products/Microsoft-Office-Home-and-Student-2019-CD-Key-(Digital-Download).html Pro is Β£17.99 for pro key https://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/products/Microsoft-Office-Home-and-Student-2019-CD-Key-(Digital-Download).html
  16. I'll aks him later but he does run at LH every Thursday.
  17. Restaurant called MesΓ³n Adarve in Antequera on your way to Ardales.
  18. Condidering what's happened in the last three months, ok, I'll get in touch soon for a brew πŸ‘
  19. I have the latest one via octopus.energy, its hidden so I can't watch it going up. Moving to my dad's old house soon, eon been in touch about putting the account in my name and mentioned the smart meter ain't working, I said that's fine πŸ˜— Andrew has been in touch, retirement plan 🀫
  20. C86

    New car fob

    No good to start a ford with start button. Probably open lock and unlock door.
  21. Blessed are the meek. Oh, that's nice, isn't it? I'm glad they're getting something, 'cause they have a hell of a time.
  22. I thought it said semen corner.
  23. C86

    New car fob

    £170 + vat 😬 Luckily I've found my spare in my old rucksack 😁
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