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  2. just heard a rumour. has spearing gone off ?
  3. that could be it but her husbands name isn't in the hat
  4. ream doesn't want to be here.his wife slags the place off whenever she can.she has gone back to america this week and tim ream mysteriously isn't in the team.when the international break was on they went to rome i would have thought more time on the training field would have been better,considering the position we are in
  5. i've heard if you hit the frame above the line with your hand,it should disappear or rub it with a balloon
  6. no words could ever mirror the huge loss R.I.P. so sad
  7. you had me there until you mentioned city
  8. got me as well.i was looking for some old staffy with a studded collar on
  9. gazza

    Help Please!

    has he any idea who it was,i'm sure we could give an early morning knock
  10. do you think they would read out "the smell of piss"
  11. don't you just want to give him a big hug!!! no. just me then
  12. absolutely.reo coker is a star he showed it when fabrice went down and the write up only supports that
  13. i pity you.can't fault shearer for all he did for england but is there no way you could smuggle him into the dressing room 2mos or better still put a bolton shirt on him!!
  14. gazza

    Calm Down.

    i thought on the whole there was a couple of good performances but when the third went in,how all our defenders held their hands up and shrugged their shoulders as if to say how did that happen was laughable.Tim ream did it as well, he's fit right in !! !!
  15. it's at the back of wickes in bury.did mine there about 5 months ago
  16. i like how she gives a little look at it as she goes round the end of the isle
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