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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Very sad news, another local talent we missed. RIP.
  2. Taking the chaddy, we took the whole fucking town.
  3. Haha, you're right mate, arthritis and fucking sciatica puts paid to leaping anything.
  4. Got to wonder why he let his daughter bring one of those cunts home.
  5. Would just like 3 points on the board instead of all the seasons of being behind right from the off.Fucking hell those starts with Coyle and Doogie when it was October and we hadn't won nightmare.
  6. My dad's hero also, he called him the Farnworth Bulldog, read Jimmy Greaves autobiography he says that when he burst on the scene as a wonder boy at Chelsea the manager would blood any up and coming youngsters at Burnden with a theory that if they came out unscathed and still able to and wanting to play football they had something about them.
  7. Mrs Good Knee just been up to renew mine and lads tickets, she thought it was busy it wasn't till they'd took her temperature and were asking for details that she realised she was in the covid vaccination queue, they pissed their sides,anyhow mission accomplished.
  8. Or maybe he's a scruffy twat with no etiquette or style.
  9. Had no particular favourite for it until I saw that scruffy little fucking manager devalue the competition farther by leading the team out dressed like a teenage scally, instead of wearing a suit. Prick.
  10. Remembering how I was feeling this time last week.
  11. I'm knackered from the drinking, not being in labour!
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