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  1. I like em fat,I like em tall, some skinny some small. I've got to get to know them all.
  2. They aren't happy with their owners, fuck me they sanctioned the world's biggest fee for a centre half , its not their fault hes average they want to join our world. I hate these almost as much as I love my club.
  3. Throw the fucking book at these bastards, fai6to stage the game because they don't like their owners, oh dear , what a pity.
  4. Yes mate failure to stage the game, twat em.
  5. Will this effect kick off time , thought we all had to ko at the same time ? Sky games don't normally show at 3 oclock kick offs.?
  6. I think we are singing from the same hymn sheet, just don't get the constant negativity we've still got two bites of the cherry to get promoted if we dont do it we go again next season . Keep the faith.
  7. He's come up with the answers since February he'll get it right Saturday.
  8. Truthfully mate I certainly wouldn't bet on it but in a league thats one jump up from amateur football absolutely nobody kno.
  9. Then why is it absolute shite ?
  10. The defence as regularly fought like fuck to protect our one goal, perhaps some people should get their fucking replica scouse or man fucking yoo shirts on and take the easy option, I've never heard so much negative fucking bollocks.
  11. They've fought their way from 20th to top 3 in 9 fucking weeks mate.
  12. Seriously fucking dragging now.
  13. Times dragging now.
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