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  1. Had tickets for tomorrow. The last test I had planned to attend was the one in Gaulle right at the start of the pandemic, needless to say that was also called off.
  2. Very, very sad news. Went on an away with Neil in the early days of wways, think Casino may have driven. All the best to the family.
  3. And the car park cameras weren't working apparently 🤫
  4. How the buggery did it come to be in your possession?
  5. Yes it was. Got picked up by the Mrs in Wingates en route home from the ground at quarter to two, apparently I was a ‘fucking disgrace’
  6. Let’s just face it, we’re shite.
  7. My grandad was mates with his father in law, Jack, who had a barber's shop in Farnworth. When I had my haircut there, Jack always let me try on Bally's England caps.
  8. I had this bewdy cos Frankie played for them
  9. 41 years ago? Christ indeed. I was on th' Embankment myself.
  10. Think you might be right there. As an aside I got my picture in the Sunday Mirror sat on the advertising hoardings of the Manny Rd North at that game.
  11. I know he's already been mentioned but Alan Ball playing for Southampton in the late 70s got the worst abuse I've ever heard. The Paddock at full voice - 'Alan Ball you're a wanker.'
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