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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. I think I saw that unfold from afar, were you in the posh seats at the Theatre of Shite?
  2. Currently in the The Bank House Spoons in the centre of town, 19 mins walk to the ground, sadly no busty barmaids on show though
  3. Took us 3 hours setting off at 11 ish this morning with a stop, taking it fairly easy
  4. There's a pub by the station for the non-connoisseurs, the Midland enjoy
  5. Keep em out - currently on the dipa and struggling to see straight.
  6. £5.50 dearest pint in Deya, craft ale, near to the Station I've gone through their list on the board - rhs only- it's ok but not a patch on Rivvy imho
  7. My lad lives in Otley and keeps the white flag flying in those parts
  8. When they walk past you, say in a loud voice to Ashburner Street Market, 'oh there's some Villa fans on' they don't like it.
  9. I posted on the other Oxford thread that the seat hit a bloke next to me on the head, he was ok 👍
  10. Got talking to a Bolton fan, an old bloke on the bus back to the city centre. He said he lived in Abingdon and knew of around 30 Bolton fans living in the area. You must be one of them 😉
  11. About 40 seconds in to the video you can see a broken seat being chucked from left to right on the screen, it hit the bloke to the left of me on his head. Luckily he was ok.
  12. Aye, went in the Swan and Castle last night, reminded me of the one in Elephant and Castle in London - a shite hole
  13. Got down yesterday and had a few beers last night, a very nice city but the pubs are a bit pish.
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