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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Yes, I was stood near the corner flag as they came off, someone shouted out behind me, words to the effect that it wasn't good enough, Evatt looked over, gave daggers in the general direction, put his finger to his lips and mouthed 'be positive.' To call it abuse was/is ott.
  2. By the way, Nailsworth is a very nice place, sussed out a couple of pubs so far which from the outside look decent The Brittania and George both within a reasonable walking distance of the ground. Currently sampling the delights of Bristol -chin chin
  3. For those venturing to Tewksbury pre game, enjoy the Mop Fair - https://www.visittewkesbury.info/whats-on/tewkesbury-mop-fair/
  4. Ouch! I think I'm on, pre my egg int nest days.
  5. And he had to leave for an 'early' train which meant he missed our 3 last goals
  6. The minibus, didn't you 'acquire' a yellow flashing traffic warning light on the journey home that took pride of place on your mantelpiece for a good number of years? Also did someone's shoe get chucked out of the window on the A4?
  7. @Casino doesn't like this 💔
  8. I think I saw that unfold from afar, were you in the posh seats at the Theatre of Shite?
  9. Currently in the The Bank House Spoons in the centre of town, 19 mins walk to the ground, sadly no busty barmaids on show though
  10. Took us 3 hours setting off at 11 ish this morning with a stop, taking it fairly easy
  11. There's a pub by the station for the non-connoisseurs, the Midland enjoy
  12. Keep em out - currently on the dipa and struggling to see straight.
  13. £5.50 dearest pint in Deya, craft ale, near to the Station I've gone through their list on the board - rhs only- it's ok but not a patch on Rivvy imho
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