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  1. He's a dead man walking his results are shit 1 win all season this will be the final nail in his coffin.
  2. Doubt he will be in charge for the next match now this will be the last straw for the clubTBH .
  3. Another bloody draw will we ever win another game this season?
  4. Does NL still not know his best 11 ffs
  5. Hope bloody vela isn't playing at RB or bloody wing back he's crap WTF as Wilson done to NL!
  6. I don't know about anyone else but I am sick of this are we or aren't we going into administration I have never been so pissed off with BWFC and that says something seeing has I have been a supporter for 47 years.
  7. Hope we can win but doubt it this bunch of dross don't know how to Win !
  8. Not a hope in hell no away win since April last season not seen anything to change it !
  9. Not at all 1 win in 20 and no sign of it changing NL totally out of his depth!
  10. I really have given up any hope of us ever winning another games this season.
  11. I think ED will pay the inland revenue he's just waiting to see if these bidders stump up the cash to buy the club before 19th Jan.
  12. Lennon said he also wanted messi Ronaldinho and Neymar but club wouldn't give him the money to sign them!
  13. The way the club goes about its business I bet madines on 20 grand a week !
  14. Pity they can't turnout for the us on game days!
  15. He signed 4 bloody morons up front we could have had a couple of decent strikers for the wages he shells out on them! Plus 2 bloody full backs ffs?,
  16. Those individuals on Facebook are arseholes I really feel for PG and his family been there myself with my late wife it's awful and takes sometime to get over it End of the day it's only football get it into perspective!
  17. Sick of Lennon using the media to tell us who he tried to sign and couldn't because of fund So! Whey did he sign bloody Madine Ameobi Heskey and Dobbie for then!
  18. Might as well be 20 points away 1 win in 19 says it all his times up!
  19. Lennon brought in 4 strikers not PG or Ed buck stops with him pissed off with this he's been shafted shit his signings his fault! If this had beenDF everybody would have been calling for his head.
  20. Well hopefully the new owners will
  21. Sacking Lennon is the only choice he's fucking useless he's signed 4 strikers and none of them any good a complete new defence and still we lose I will say it again 1 win in 19 no other ma anger would survive no matter what the excuse.
  22. 1 win in 19 got fuck all do with money he's lost it simple as and WTF do they do in training play fucking table tennis!
  23. 1 win in 19 got fuck all do with money he's lost it simple as and WTF do they do in training play fucking table tennis!
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