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  1. This ref is usual standard fucking shite
  2. Should been over in the first half, but we was shite 2nd half
  3. Lee should be on a hatrick terrible misses
  4. Thanks for the memories frankie. Sleep well legend
  5. Ray

    Walsall (H)

    They got what they deserved the cheating wankers.
  6. I'm in its in the blood
  7. Don't think these pitches doing us any favours, cos a lot of teams in this league play it long and in the air
  8. Nigel Clough as just said our goal was flukey
  9. We were shite the ref was shite and delaney was worse than shite
  10. They don't deserve to wear the shirt embarrassing
  11. Yes our marking on set pieces and corners have been a shambles all seaon
  12. We need a decent centre half cos delaney is shite
  13. Ray


    The standard of refs is shocking
  14. Delaney has done well just not one of his best today, everybody has a bad day
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