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  1. Business woman with her fingers in a few pies so to speak including the back catalogue of Pink Floyd apparently.
  2. Happy memories of the Sunday afternoon Granada programme hosted by Gerald Sinstadt. It was always a thrill when I could watch highlights of a match I'd been to the day before. Used to watch it wearing my scarf - yes I know! The Sunderland game stands out because of that header and Gerald Sinstadt saying something like 'what a happy boy' as big Sam celebrated.
  3. That sounds like it may not be far from the truth
  4. We can't even make going into Admin easy at the moment. What a complete mess.
  5. Not a great fan but no hard feelings from me. Wish him well for the future. Thought he was mis-managed or needed better coaching as much of his running was aimless and pointless and achieved little.
  6. Egg bloody zackly. Everyone could see Bassini was a nut job
  7. Kevin Nolan - don't think he was ever as good elsewhere as he was for us.
  8. There just doesn't seem to be any answer and it's the 80s or worse all over again. I don't know what the running costs of the Reebok are or how that would compare to a ground elsewhere but either way I suspect on League 1 income and crowds it is not sustainable. In hindsight building a hotel that is part of the fabric of the stadium rather than stand alone probably wasn't the greatest idea particularly as it is also loss making.
  9. We seem to have a whole raft of players who came to us as the next big thing and then their career just nose dived. Steve McAnespie is an example.
  10. Some great goals already mentioned. Got to say that Nobby Nolan scored some crackers for us. Was he one of BSAs best achievements player wise? The Okocha free kick one in league cup just about wins it for me. I was sat right behind it and never seen anyone do that before or since.
  11. How times have changed! Imagine giving a Premiership player a sponsored Dacia Duster
  12. Fair summary. A good long ball side surrounds the target man and wins the second ball............we win very few second balls so I'm not sure what you would call PPs football.
  13. You're right. Back int day someone like Kevin Davies would have slid in from 20 yards away in the first 5 minutes, stood over the top of his broken body and screamed 'pull your socks up lad'...........and Sam would have told him to do it! Different game I suppose now.
  14. Someone should have put their studs down his padless shins early doors. Still would have lost but would have made me smile.
  15. Aye does seem very odd. I for one thought he was bullshitting for Ken but seems I've been proved wrong!
  16. Correct so I would call it bollocks
  17. Thinly veiled 'it's all the protestors fault'
  18. And we see a picture of him holding a brand new scarf above his head in the Unibol
  19. I know what you mean. It seems the shitter we are and the more trouble we are in the more a sense of achievement I feel in going to games. When we were in the PL I just felt an insignificant part of a bigger thing with all the jonny come lately's. Let's face it, unless you're one of the 'big' clubs most of football is 90% shit and you keep going waiting fro the 10% good stuff.
  20. Agree Mr Grey. However bad things are or have been there's always someone on here that will bring a smile to my face and long may it continue. That's the reason I started posting in the first place.
  21. I know what you're saying but what makes a football club? Is it the ground, the people, players, history? We've changed grounds more than once, the original limited company was Bolton Wanderers Football and Athletic Company Ltd and now Burnden Leisure, the people have changed etc.. Things change and no matter what incarnation I'm sure we'll all still be there.
  22. So it's all but been confirmed that Bassini is (allegedly) a bullshitting fantasist. Now our Ken may be a few things but we can be certain that he would see straight through someone like Bassini. This adds credence to what another poster said in that he is somehow connected to KA and he has been put forward for a specific reason - possibly to buy some more time or possibly some other reason.
  23. I think I was told that it's been alluded to that Ken is a Cunt
  24. McLaren been potted apparently....suppose when you lose against us your position becomes untenable 😀
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