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  1. Not barclaycard but a bit of both really. Visa and debit cards have both expired and the site wouldn't recognise or let me input new ones to my account.
  2. Issue with my card on the site so rang the office this arvo. Got straight through and sorted quickly.
  3. Impressive first half performance that. This is the kind of game we've laboured in, in the past. Sterling, Maguire and Shaw all justifying their inclusion despite patchy club form.
  4. How we doing on xg though?
  5. Just had a nosey on their forum to see who they were hoping to get as new manager. 1 of the opening posts listed former Championship managers as possibles; Valerian (Barnsley), Wagner (Huddersfield) and Critchley (Blackpool), who have all done well apparently albeit with "smaller" clubs. Deluded doesn't come close.
  6. My dad took me to a few reserve games first, presumably to stop me meithering him and see if I was really interested. Whoever it was against, I only know Hugh Curran scored. Coventry in the League Cup is the first I remember. 1975 or 76. Pissed it down and we lost 1-3
  7. Duck Egg

    Oxford H

    She flounced down Mansell Way afterwards flicking vs at Wanderers fans cars as they passed, then got into a row with an old bloke when she saw her car was ticketed. It was parked on the pavement outside the flats across from Barnstormers! She was positively screaming out for attention and a reaction. The kind of behaviour the Govt were saying this week, might get a reaction from the Qatari authorities.
  8. Pre Whelan days when they got elected but I share your sentiments. Like Wimbledon, who were elected the season before them, they've done well, punched well above their weight and won the FA Cup. Hopefully also like Wimbledon, they'll be bankrupt and franchised off to some hideous new town in a few years.
  9. That was the kind of ref he was. Booking players for dissent but failing to clamp down on the blatant time wasting and niggly fouls.
  10. Went today. Fanzone was great. Beers and food lovely. Then the novelty of buying a beer and taking it on to the terraces was awesome. Game? Meh. It'll never catch on. Zero atmosphere as body builders all barge each other about a bit for a go on the egg. Not for me
  11. It's great and all that but he's either put the embankment on the wrong side or forgot to put a roof on the Lever end
  12. I got a valentine card in 1984 from the lass I was going with at the time and she wrote in it '58 was the last time that Bolton got to Wembley So why can't you stay home instead and make me feel all trembly?' We'd long split up by 1989 but I was tempted to find her and tell her about the Bristol and Torquay games. Shows what she feckin knew!
  13. Except they can't play at home. Presumably if 2 got through to a regional final then they'd have to?
  14. My bad! I have absolutely no recollection of those 2 home games.
  15. Agreed. Too often we're too slow and too safe. We're not far off though.
  16. Bloody Barnsley. They've always been a pain in the arse. 1st season we played them in my lifetime they did us 2-0 & 3-0. First team to beat us on a Sunday, only side we didn't beat in the 96/97 season. Their first premier league win was against us and we didn't win at Oakwell in about 80 years. I even got arrested there ffs. 0-1 defeat because it seems to be what the footballing God's want. C*nts
  17. They've a good away record haven't they? Seem to recall them beating Wednesday at Hillsborough early on this season. 1-1 draw I reckon
  18. Who is she? One of the Lionesses?
  19. Full time on Saturday and I was pretty pissed off but couldn't ever boo our players. Like most around me, I clapped the players when they came over to show their appreciation at the end. Some guy at the side of us though, mid 60s at a guess, was shouting with rage at them and giving them the v's. I did my usual tut and look of disapproval. The Mrs, who's braver than me, called him out. We were all fed up but I just cant relate to that kind of behaviour. I'd hope the manager and players can clearly tell he/they are in a tiny minority.
  20. Up to half time today I dont think we've created a clear chance for Charles and that suggests to me it's in the creative areas that we're lacking. 2nd half though Charles had 3 good chances and didn't take any of them.
  21. Left the pub in Nailsworth at 2pm. That's a big hill. Reckon we'll still have fans coming in at half 3.
  22. I'm still too traumatised to go back to Accrington yet. Snapped a couple of these up a while back and I don't remember them being expensive. No interest in rugby usually but it should be a good occasion.
  23. For Wanderers was it Holdsworth (v Chelsea?)
  24. Forgot all about this. Just went on line and got 2 on the terrace, so still some left.
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