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  1. Great idea this. Good on Mrs MickyD for seizing the initiative đź‘Ź Perhaps we could progress onto incontinence pads for those unfortunate gimmers who sit in the upper tiers?
  2. 1. Belting. Watching Bolton has become a joy again. 2. Great guy, likes us to entertain, needs to bite his lip a bit more often. 3. We're very lucky. We could easily have gone the same way as Bury. 4. I think Vale Park may be the ground outside the NW that I've visited most. A few feisty affairs. You had a very good side in the late 80s/early 90s Foyle, Van De Laan, Walker & Taylor etc. 5. We should finish top half and be aiming for the play offs but there's some good sides in this division.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised last time I used it. Other passengers were fine, had a read, something to eat, a nap etc and no worries re parking. That was only to Sheffield though. Further afield could be tough
  4. It was our lowest following for a league game last season - 550 or thereabouts. We should sell a thousand though for opening day.
  5. Racists like a lie in.
  6. We're fishing in a small pool for future supporters that haven't already been hoovered up by the big clubs. Just saying that the womens game becoming more popular, potentially will make it more difficult. However your auntie defines herself, I hope she's happy and at peace 🙂
  7. Aye but his left peg is a cracker
  8. A couple of my wifes colleagues take their young sons to Leigh to watch Utd ladies. They're football mad and as it was a struggle to get tickets for OT they took them to watch the women instead. 10 or even 5 years ago, they may have taken them to Wanderers or even Wigan for their footy fix and once bitten, they could have become fans for life. The womens teams could be more competition in trying to attract future supporters away from the big clubs.
  9. I'm not sure I'm even a football fan anymore. Bolton fan definitely. England fan too but it's not half as important. The rest - meh
  10. ^ I heard the same from older relatives but it doesn't stand up to scrutiny apparently. It was said he could be a right git - Alan Ball had a bust up with him in his first day at training.
  11. Aye, it's not like that Scouser who was at Cambridge. He chased the coin into the 5th division but at least joined a bigger club when he did so. No way DJ goes to a smaller club, 2 divisions lower and for the pittance quoted. Nothing to see here.
  12. Year before. Spoiled all the optimism after we'd trounced Accrington the week earlier.
  13. Just before my time. He was in that group of players with Rimmer and Phillips who had just left when I started. RIP and thanks for your service Henry.
  14. Great player and deserves, at the very least, to have his nickname spelt correctly in the thread title!
  15. It's some commitment is that. I dread to think how much I spent last year following them and the amount of leave I used from work. I still could only manage 16 aways. With internationals and the occasional Sky change, who, other than the fairly well off, semi retired can commit to it? @MickyD worth it for you?
  16. Duck Egg


    There's still a huge split between a lot of FC & AFC fans, with threats and abuse all over social media. A merger is the only realistic way forward but there'll be a lot of bitterness to get over.
  17. I view it as similar to the paralympics and say, some dwarves in a swimming race. I mean, well done for having a go and all that but do I want to watch it on prime time TV? Nah. The Beeb are pushing their agenda to promote it, in the same way they kept telling us about the magic of the FA cup, when the only footy coverage they had was Hartlepool vs Borehamwood in a 1st round replay.
  18. No idea why I didn't go to that one (did former loanee Mike Ring score the only goal?). We'd taken loads to York and a sizeable following to Gillingham too in that last month.
  19. Well said that man. It's the shit we've put up with, that makes the good times so much better when they arrive.
  20. Duck Egg


    They're definitely rivals now. Seems daft to deny it imo. They're also cunts too.
  21. Well that was a lovely trip down memory lane! I'd forgotten how well it was written tbh. Some of the descriptions took me right back there. Book ordered and back issues enquired about!
  22. Sorry, I meant the 1 home game you missed between 1974 and the late 90s. I was hoping for your sake it wasn't Man U in 78, Walsall or Plymouth in the 80s!
  23. That's terrible but sadly no surprise. I don't think I'm a prude either but I was cringing at some of the songs and comments I heard last year, particularly away from home.
  24. That's impressive đź‘Ź Out of interest, which was the home game you missed?
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