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  1. Think he’s still a Celtic player, just on loan atm.
  2. Might start calling it the Brokeback, diversity and inclusivity for all.
  3. Personalized place cards next time.
  4. Steejay

    Jake Daniels

    Edinburgh gay ginger capital of the world. FACT.
  5. I was listening to a mate chirping away on Saturday night about how well they were doing. He quietened down a bit when I told him we’re at nearly 13k already.
  6. Steejay

    Jake Daniels

    Imagine a nosh off him with them fuckin teeth.😳
  7. Steejay

    Jake Daniels

    He was with this American actress for a while so he was obviously not fussy.
  8. That’s 44 games then. If my Sunning Hill arithmetic still works.
  9. There’s 12 teams in the premiership but they play 38 games. How does that work?🤔
  10. I was there last weekend. Some sad sights on the Saturday, every bar was mobbed.
  11. Steejay

    Jake Daniels

    Good interview though. Think it’s for his own mental health, he doesn’t want to pretend. Good luck to the lad, hopefully he’ll have a good career.
  12. 9th, 16th, 23rd still to be announced.
  13. They sent some tins of spam along with some cartons of low life milk. Be grateful.
  14. Great point. I wonder if the away numbers will be as high next season. I managed 19 away in the league, which is a new record for me too. But I’m ready for the little break. If we have a good start, hopefully numbers will hold up, or even improve. Can’t beat a good away day, appreciated even more as you become an old git.
  15. It’ll be mayhem. Feyenoord ran riot all over Marseilles the other week. And they have history with Roma from 2015 when they left a trail of destruction throughout the eternal city. Can’t imagine the Albanian police will be shrinking violets either.
  16. I thought someone had hacked your account. 😂
  17. It’ll always be the Reebok, don’t be embarrassed or sad.
  18. NobEnd fans don’t rate him. Wasn’t he in the nets when we drew 2-2 and he made a right fuck up with Ameobi’s goal.
  19. He was MOM against Sunlun in a 6-0 win, which wasn’t that long since, really. Still plenty to come imo.
  20. Steejay

    FV and IE

    Aye, you’d have made a killing. £££££
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