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  1. Steejay

    Mr Grey?

    That’s Chris, sits with us at home games. He’s played for England at walking football. Good lad but always leaves 5 minutes before the final whistle. Would have been funny yesterday if he hadn’t been at this tournament.
  2. Ah, they’ve omitted the epilogue.😁
  3. Trampmere cunt. (Him, not you)
  4. He’s been re-christened by one of our friends - Jack Wheelchair. 😀
  5. Just rubberkex. Till next April.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10120089/Bolton-Wanderers-captain-Antoni-Sarcevic-makes-shock-departure-non-league-Stockport-County.html
  7. That’s my normal persona, mate. Alcohol or not. 😀
  8. Get some Barbour wellies to go with them pink shorts.
  9. I'm assuming Lee is still injured. Him and MJ would be the first two names on my team sheet.
  10. Fuckin Hell, Cheese, I usually look forwards to watching this but there is no way I am looking at that pile of shite again.
  11. Dixon was at fault for the third goal but he's not done enough wrong to warrant him getting dropped. I think he's been one of our best players this season. Dixon Brockbank Aimson Johnston Gordon MJ Isgrove Sheehan Sarcevic Afolayan Doyle Providing the injury situation is the same. Nearly preferring Thomasson to Sarce but I think that he will be a bit more fired up, playing against his old team. He does need dropping but what's the alternative with our injuries and lack of squad depth?
  12. Politic isn’t a midfielder. If anyone thinks that he’s an alternative to Lee, they must be sken eyed.
  13. Shorts and gloves…
  14. Yep, 4-1 for us. KTF.
  15. I was quoting Meldrew and being a bit sarky… People need to get a grip.
  16. HugeMinge has shown up again and Med thinks that Evatt should be sacked if we lose on Tuesday. Oh, and today was worse than Stoke at Wembley.🙄
  17. I’ll have that. 😇
  18. See you at Plymouth once you’ve put your boss straight. 👍🏻
  19. They won’t fit you now, though.
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