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  1. Appauling as in obsessed with Paul Pogba?
  2. Don't know who's worse, Gerrard or Rodgers. Close call
  3. It's likes of Mike Riley, Mike Dean & Lee Mason that need getting rid of if they don't think for example pulling hair is a foul and give decisions like West Ham goal. Unbelievable Jeff
  4. Can make a very good case for 5 of those on bench being in our strongest X1
  5. This is IE plan. Obviously thinks squad game this season
  6. Yeah meant when he signed for Wigan some said he was the type we should be in for. Local lad apparently who had played well against us for Southend I think it was.
  7. Deadline day really is a load of hyped up shite from Sky. Like a footy version of Supermarket Sweep. Desperate clubs chucking owt they can in the trolley. Think it shows we are on right track that we don't see the need to get involved.
  8. That Humpreys lad some on here rated gone from pie men to Hearts!
  9. No not rivals but I still can't stand them and hope they are shit for a long time. God bless the Glazers. No apologies from me and no apologies for hoping City win everything for time being.
  10. I like Mowbray deserved better than some of those deluded chicken pluckers who thought they should be getting promoted. He did a great job especially getting them near promotion with loan signings and young lads. Think he will be ok at Sunderland but their lot are the definition of deluded.
  11. Ok thanks for that. I will tell him don't know if he will still be bothered but appreciate the advice
  12. Son in law wanted to go (friend of ST holder) utd fan if I'm going full disclosure Anyway tried to register as a member eventually got a membership number still couldn't get it to accept number to buy a ticket. Gave it up as a bad job. What is wrong with Bolton he asked me turning business away. Proof for me this membership bollocks is costing us. Frustrating and needs sorting.
  13. Going to Stokes match at Ewood whilst still Sunderland manager was a bit shitty tho?
  14. You have and you are right. Cheese can argue with himself. Lee poor today.
  15. Only person other than Kachunga I'd like to get rid of is you
  16. Yeah thought no way will we have a blip like last season. If we're not careful we could be in middle of one already.
  17. Bit worried about Evatt over thinking team selection hope he's not going all Dougie on us. I am disappointed but still positive. Early days and we have come a long way. Last week or so very frustrating. Sure it will improve
  18. Yeah right knob cheese. But Kachunga is still awful, Baka is not very good and Santos a liability. Don't think any of that is an over reaction
  19. Santos fucked up end of. Yes Johnston was it? Missed the header but row z from the skipper no goal
  20. Need Bod back. Backa could go as well for me. Won't be able to give Kachunga away before Thursday- remember that all you who think he's decent. Sadlier out for some wriggle room for me as well. Disappointing again. Well done to those who went
  21. I've always hated that fucking song!
  22. Wasn't Evatt a big hard no nonsense centre half? Makes you wonder why can't see we need 2
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