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  1. Apparently have raised £600 million from re mortgaging ,selling rights, Spotify sponsorship, shares etc. Proper risky stuff bur their immediate problem is FFP finance rules in La Liga. They're hoping they get special treatment as per usual but need to offload players wages like de Jong to comply. At moment can't register likes of Raphina or Lewandowski so can't play them!
  2. Derby missed out on him then!
  3. Wasn't someone wanting an idea what 'woke' actually means?
  4. That Lingerie American Football is unbelievable 😳 fit as fook
  5. To be honest I watched the game against Norway coz absolutely nowt on. As someone pointed out if you stop comparing it to mens game and accept it for what it is then wasn't bad entertainment even crowd noise wasn't as annoying as previous. I will watch it again but I will stop comparing to mens game in a negative way and hope others stop getting carried away in the positive gushing sense. Also no way is rise of women's football going to affect our attendances. Complete nonsense that and plastic Man U fans who can't get a ticket(tourists seem to manage it) for OT can piss off to Leigh Sports Village for forever and a day as far as I'm concerned. One area where mens & women's football is the same is the media hype in this country. Gone into overdrive now, hope the women ignore it and just carry on. One woman commentator said anything other than winning it will be 'abject failure"! Don't know much about women's game but there are surely better sides than Norway to come!
  6. No one is arsed about Fossey except twitter tossers and W63.
  7. Your such a happy glass half full guy aren't you? I actually think it would make your day.
  8. If my auntie had had balls she'd be my uncle
  9. Reciprocal arrangements I cant see anything wrong with. We used to do it with Blackburn I think couple of times Prem? Helped that it was local and similar size support Wonder if that bloke at Accrington who went on a rant about I player would do it? 2- 3,000 Bolton fans price capped and we will let the 20 or 30 Stanley fans in at our place for same? Thought not.
  10. Max Cherry


    After Dale Stephens now ...
  11. My Everton brother in law still has nightmares about that Everton game! He lives away and he'd made a special trip with his young lad to see his beloved Toffees. Fuckin love Stelios! That and his young lad in a Bolton shirt after Greece somehow won Euros my abiding memory Ps plus the last minute winner against Derby after one of the coldest nights I have ever endured at the Reebok then the winner v Aris then. Too.many, no one can say owt against him for me.
  12. I was trying to be polite as I can be a bit of a cunt apparently. However just seen W63 post he doesn't rate John. I dont need to say anymore. I rest my case Also I suspect that those who don't rate John also doubt Santos Vale to the team. Nothing scientific to that and I won't be trolling back through morons but it's an equally baffling opinion to me.
  13. All about opinions but I reckon we are a much better team with John than without him. Don't want him to do a Sarce.
  14. Meanwhile United don't want (can't?) Spend any of their summer budget on a back up keeper now Henderson gone to Forest. That's why they not going for their first choice, (Watford keeper) as he would cost a fee. So picking up some Albanian for nowt. Loving this transfer window so far for United. They are actually going backwards at moment. Also Barcelona finances so screwed that anyone dealing with them has to be very careful. They want Rapinha but don't want to pay an instalment until next year! Real fear they could be in admin by then!
  15. Staying on good terms with Peel Holdings?
  16. Can they not find another nickname? Lionesses is shit. Makes me cringe. For balance calling mens teams lions equally naff. As Malcolm may attest to they are not even lions on the badge.
  17. Good player Lawrence. Should smash it up there
  18. Max Cherry


    Really hope steadily building a team with a wage structure and eye for young talent ,decent scouting etc trumps a club coming out of admin chucking daft wages at over 30's players looking for one last pay day. Sure it will in long term but Derby could do it this season. Hoping though some of the top teams in this division including us give them a rude awakening
  19. Not just the 'quality' it's a completely different game and I'm out.
  20. Have to turn sound off. No way can I cope with that cacophony
  21. Those two knob jockeys on Bolton News who call Sharon Britan "Cup Cake Lil" and constantly slag FV will be all over this. They were claiming accounts overdue last week even though it was all above board and planned for.
  22. Exhibit B Jim 'Seamus' McDonagh Exhibit C Chic Charnley
  23. Correct. It's a nice thing to have for mid week away games but no way would I pay for it. Amateur hour and couple of times it has failed nothing to do with user error they had to refund those who had paid IIRC. Got spoiled a bit in Championship when all midweek games were available on red button.
  24. Not arsed about Barkhuizen obviously been promised big wages by Derby he hung on for them. Think the fact we finished with a settled squad that will carry on without any departures (hopefully) straight into this season with no major upheaval will be a big plus. Iredale and Bradley good signings and with Dempsey, Lee & Sheehan back. JDB up to speed I won't be too arsed if we don't sign anyone else before Ipswich game. Having said that IE says he wants a couple more in and he will have known for some time now the Derby mercenary wasn't coming or Tucker so bet he has 2 in mind.
  25. On Ipswich forum they took exception to their manager calling us "high level " opponent after fixtures came out. Five or six of them saying its only Bolton , they are shit, nothing high level etc. Then the Wurzel with a brain cell came along and said " to all those comments above Bolton pumped us twice last season" Also seen two "super computer" predictions first had us finishing 9th the other 6th. All bollocks of course
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