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  1. Be just our luck to get this cunt in play offs! Might as well leave Santos out. I'm still fuming and it's too fucking hot to be like this!!
  2. Ref their best player. Bent bastard can't blame Evatt to be fuming. To send Santos off for 2 pathetic yellows second one especially. Cunt was just getting his own back. Well done tho second half we kept our shape well. Iredale and Traf stand outs but will be a decent point if we are not playing by the rules and a goal is.not a goal with Blind Pew
  3. So much for lightning not striking twice!! This blind Pew cunt is something else. Fucking fuming
  4. Aye reet pair of knob ends those two! Thought Jim White was bad enough around transfers! Also tried Talk Sport other day never again. Utter shite two southern wankers discussing cup draw we never got a mention! Then Manchester correspondent Michael Gray (Why???) Comes on and he's bumming stockport. Still no mention. At least Sky saw best potential tie! Talk shite can do one
  5. Club fucked up big time. They looked at villa attendance and thought interest wasn't there. Totally misunderstood that it is actually a football town and loads would come out for a Wembley final even those who hadn't been that season and were friends/relations of ST holders.Coaches going from loads of pubs/clubs etc. Sorry but Gartside could be a right know all pillock at times.
  6. FFS managed to be worse of bad bunch which is some feat. Got heat and that pillock to contend with now
  7. Saw clip on you tube, look on Sourness face when a yoounited fan said Glazers hadn't spent any money. He put him straight lol. Was a southern nonce naturally
  8. The Morecambe one remains the worst! Apparently they kicked Stoke off the pitch last night (according to Stokies so not entirely reliable) but we know Derek Adams and what he's all about. Hope we smash them with total football. Also need a strong ref
  9. Enjoyed that. Heart was in my mouth at end (too busy waving at the Salford Scrotes leaving) and thought for a second it was Connor Bradley who'd been sent off. That would have been a dampener, sorry George. Lovely summer evening at Reebok.
  10. Did something happen at that Warrington friendly? Someone on Bolton News (I know!) Alluded to some brawl of some sort,accused club & Bolton News of ignoring it. Was a strange thing to say.Wonder if there's a connection?
  11. I wondered which loon compared Bakayoko to Ricketts. Then I checked. Rolf. Ps Bakayoko is shit in the air as well. Bod would be starting for me. He's the much much better bet to get 20 goals. Baka is best coming on for last 20 mins especially when we need a goal and defences getting stretched has a knack of being in right place. But to be honest not been that impressed with his all round ability compared to Bod.
  12. Reading their forum that stuffing at Exeter really knocked them. Let their full back go to Bristol Rovers by offering him peanuts. Had a 17 year old midfielder up front on his own v Exeter. Jamie Proctor was 'appalling (could have told them that!) Worrall injured again and not looking forward to Saturday. Oh and Dave Flitcroft copping a lot of flak for how unprepared they are! Old Bolton would go and lose there, new Bolton to get revenge for that six goal debacle at our place? COYW!!
  13. Well I hope Wigan Comic Con is as shit as it sounds!
  14. Guessed so ah well next best thing!
  15. Off the pitch ok. On pitch Greasy Ainsworths boys are dirty shithouses . Watch how easy they go down for a physical team and the time wasting .
  16. Hope some wigan scrote copped it right beween the eyes!
  17. Thought MJ did ok but was over run in that midfield second half. He never stopped tho and credit to him. Starting to get a bit uneasy about Dempsey. He should be a key player but it's been one thing after another with him. Injuries and now this off the field business. Hoping he us actually going to get a run in the team at some point.
  18. Thought we closed them down well Santos & Johnston immense. Like look of Connor Bradley. Good battling performance against very good side. Their best chances came from our mistakes I thought. Also ipswich commentators said a draw a fair result im not going to disagree.
  19. Really degenerated this topic. Bunch of puffs
  20. Just spent a million on a defender from Leeds, most expensive ever at this level some claim. They seem to be on an upward curve with a decent new young manager like us. Unlike us they have the financial clout. So revising my pre season predictions based on clubs business (or lack of it). Going for Ipswich & Peterborough to be promoted. Us, Derby, Weds, & MK for play offs. Think Weds have strongest squad but don't rate Darren Moore otherwise they'd be up. Forest Green, Exeter, Morecambe & Cheltenham to drop.
  21. Fromage and woke warriors won't like that!
  22. Great goal. Missus went bed at 0-1 said we'd blown it but I was waiting for Russo & Greenwood and the subs. Only seen a bit of this team but been impressed by them. Spain very good btw but get at them and England's strikers look sharper than theirs
  23. Yeah we need to beat Burton fuckin Albion at last! Burton, Accrington, Fleetwood, Morecambe away on their shitty pitches in their tin shacks. Got to compete. Even if we draw there and stuff them at home that'd do me! Chuck the 4 who came up into that group as well!
  24. No contradiction as far as I'm concerned. Don't think we necessarily need anymore after Toal just a guess off what IE has hinted. I dont think 3 or 4 in who can go straight in team is necessarily a quiet summer. Also think having a settled team is a plus or hoping it turns out that way. MK, Weds, Barnsley, Charlton all brought some decent looking players but they have also lost some decent ones as well. Starting to think Derby might win it though over the season.
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