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  1. Well flights booked, out Friday night back Monday night, day after flights booked Belgium is 14 days self isolation, typical
  2. We kidnapped him in Lisbon, we were in the town centre and on our way down to the docks and I said 'Are you coming down the docks Biffo' he said 'No Widders it's my bed time' I said 'Get in the fucking taxi' Anyhow he did, and got the round in at the first bar Silly old cunt Be good Biffo and I'm sure we'll all see you soon
  3. Why would you drive you lunatic, return flights from Manchester are about £60, half of our lot wanted to go by ferry, fuck that were in Friday out Monday
  4. I've been told to plan our route, any idea which ground we'll be playing at?
  5. Seem to remember us having a whip round on here and sending some flowers to his funeral although I may have made that up
  6. Oh bollocks, going to the England game in Austria in June, hotel booked and non refundable. We'll be fucked if our flights get cancelled
  7. We stayed in Newport, one of the lads who came with us is in CID so he wasn't allowed in our room as we had mounds of chan everywhere (he knew this of course) we made him stand outside and shout through the door 😄
  8. Casino was one of the top boys on The Wanderer
  9. Altior was magnificent today, that last half furlong was a joy to watch
  10. Exeter away on a Tuesday night, spent the day on the piss in Torquay. Remember there being bushes in the away end Got home about 5am and had to get up for work at 7am. Made it to work but went for a quick power nap in one of the cubicles in the toilets, woke up around lunch time.
  11. There also Gerry Taggart, Aaron Wilbraham, David Norris and David Thompson podcasts on Undr the Cosh for anybody interested in watching more ex bolton player interviews
  12. Just booked 8 flights to Bratislava, booking another 8 tomorrow Minibuses an hour from Slovakia to Vienna Get bent
  13. Betfred have paid out on Liverpool winning the league
  14. Now for part 2 of the operation, club has been sold can the mods do some cleansing and put into action plan 'Night of the Long Knives' so I don't have to plough through so much shit Ta
  15. That is one scathing attack on Anderson from Dave Rubin
  16. I've spent the last hour and a half reading through todays posts on this thread and I had no idea that the people who featured on sky news last night at the stadium, all post on here. I'm now leaving and not coming back until I hear on the news that the deal has been done, how people believe some post of some random moonman on Twitter is fact, is beyond me
  17. Made up, please stop posting shite on here, it's not twitter
  18. He banned you after coming up with the name for the non footie chat thread, well the rotter
  19. I'd love to know why Battaash doesn't run like that everytime, absolutely unbeatable. Course record too Anyhow, good day at the bookies
  20. Stradavarius is ace, absolutely love that horse, never fails and another £1M bonus for him
  21. 😀😀😀😀 I'm having that one
  22. Right, made myself a cup of tea and sat down for an afternoon of racing I've had the following bets Betfred 15.00Threat 2/1 15.35 10 Sovereigns @ 7/4 Skybet 14.25 Stradivarius & 15.35 10 Sovereigns Double 11/4 14.25 Stradivarius, 15.00 Treat & 15.35 Battaash (in case 10 sovereigns doesn't win) 10/1 Total spent £350, when the final race is over, I shall walking to the York hotel where I shall be drinking until I soil myself
  23. Jordan Peterson has just left me a message on my mobile https://storage.googleapis.com/vox_prod/2019-08-22-10-58-42_529468ea-613d-44d7-ae8b-6ba9016812ab.mp3
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