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  1. We’ll be alright for home games then
  2. Jol_BWFC

    Boo Boys

    @Bolty, have you been able to add anyone else to your ignore list since the site went tits up a few days ago? If so, please let me know how. Hangry needs binning off. Thanks in advance.
  3. According to BWFC site, he scored 19 goals from 93 shots, so 1 in 5. Miller was 3 goals from 6 shots. Dapo 1 from 27 (!) and Delf 6 from 34.
  4. I can’t pretend to know anything about injections. Could the antibodies you have be to do with the injections?
  5. Really looking forward to next season. Lincoln, Cambridge, Doncaster and Plymouth for a change and always enjoyed Charlton and Pompey. MK is easy for me, although a terrible place. Would love that to be the first away game, with an allocation of 5K, 6k, 7k. Direct on the train from Manchester - I reckon we’d take an army of pissheads.
  6. We know a bit about Remi Matthews.
  7. Pinker than @tomski’s polo shirt collection.
  8. Some angry people on here today. I just don’t get why people get so worked up about it. Where is @Rudy with his tit pic?
  9. Went online tonight at 8.30pm to book an appointment. I’m getting jabbed at 9.30am tomorrow. Impressive.
  10. Good aid or bad aid?
  11. If there was anything important, they would have leaked it already.
  12. Well, this is a minefield when it comes to Enfield! With an EN postcode you can be in Essex, various London boroughs or Hertfordshire. You can’t be in Middlesex, because it doesn’t exist; however, various websites state Middlesex as the borough when you put in an Enfield postcode for delivery. As you correctly pointed out - “was”.
  13. Do they have a ladder?
  14. There is a post box at my kids’ nursery, so when I dropped them off, they put it in there.
  15. Postal vote ages ago. Why go to the ballot box, when the ballot can come to you?
  16. BOOM. I’ve dropped him a message already, but suggest you do the same if you’re not happy (no pun intended) using the donation tab.
  17. You can donate via the tab at the top of the page (PayPal or using a card). I’m sure it will pop up in Happy’s notifications somewhere, but I’ll drop him a PM anyway.
  18. Yeah, boxing is not my thing. I’d be happy for you to donate £100 to WanderersWays on my behalf, if you’re ok with that?
  19. Yes, it was £100 that Khan wouldn’t see out his current term. You were convinced some skeletons would come out of the closet and he would leave his post before the end. Yes, indeed it is today. With Khan having seen out his term (even with a year extension!) it’s finally settled. It would be foolish not to at least ask what the double or quit bet would be. But no, I don’t have any appetite for a double/quit. I’ve waited about 4 years for this one!
  20. Just like in GERMANY, it’s arses for me.
  21. Those odds are auto promotion.
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