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  1. Agree with the last bit, but I think those historical figures are just that and perhaps a bit outdated. Prem clubs now are tending towards ground extensions and huge capacities. Can't help feeling that with the sky money or not, we would struggle against such gate receipts. The likes of Brighton, Coventry, Derby all have bigger capacities, albeit not massively so, but purely on max attendances then we'd be quite some way down the list. Which is why the likes of Brentford give hope- a well run club can compete at the top level. Which gives belief that FV could go beyond the championship. It might take a while-building gradually as we are now- but it would be a joy to be part of.
  2. Of course, until the companies need to start upping their prices ever more to cover lost customers. Which means more lost customers. When viewing numbers start dropping in big numbers then advertisers start twitching. It would be remiss of any of them to rest on the laurels.
  3. Doing well so far. Hope they can hold on. Scousers doing other scousers no favours so far.
  4. Thing is, these deals have given football huge amounts of money. If too many stop buying through official means then that changes- even the free sites.
  5. Boycott- pathetic. Think we've just surpassed them as having the best home record in the league, and they've just won at Peterborough too. Come to think about it, I hope they do stay away.
  6. Lindsay not looking too great there. A bit red round the eyes. As for appearances to others, perhaps have a gander at the various punch ups that happen all over. Ours is a tea-party.
  7. I wasn't watching, but reading comments from those that were, it seemed we were ponderous and ineffective, particularly in the final third, where we weren't creating much, and as evidenced, not making the most of what we did. Speeding up the play, getting them on the back foot, and hey presto, Sheehan gets time to cook himself an egg before playing a killer pass!
  8. You know full well what the issue is/has been. The change after half time illustrates just what the team can do.
  9. There were similar comments about other recent aways. Unless we have a terrible run from now until then, I reckon they'll fly again.
  10. I think there will be changes, can see CMG being "rested" together with Bod. I'd quite like to see CMG get another run, as he seems quite fresh and bright, and did well last night. Bit of pace too, which may help on the break, as you'd expect Blackpool to have some spells of pressure. Just not sure he will.
  11. I think both managers have hinted that they weren't overly enamoured with him. But then, I suppose they would. As for the game itself, as long as it's not overboard, it's perfectly reasonable to fans to be critical if they feel we're not playing well, so long as it's balanced the other way. For me, at the moment, I think we're starting a bit too slowly and making hard work for ourselves. Just shows what we can do.
  12. Fair play to them all. Whatever Evatt said at half time worked, and we'll done to them for their efforts. Perhaps should have been even more, but a win is magnificent. Just opened the chocolate biscuits 😋
  13. Unnecessary pissing about there. Keep switched on.
  14. Good movement against a packed defence.
  15. Abso-fuckin-lutely. Mr bang average again.
  16. Been wondering about that. Teams pressing us quickly and we're giving away goals.
  17. Unfortunately, these will be rubbing their hands together at the moment.
  18. Seems that we've got a bit better as the half wore on, but we've just got to be better, and from the off.
  19. GT often gets criticised for his tackling, and deservedly so at times. A tendency for over exuberance perhaps. How many bookings has Sheehan also got for half hearted tackling?
  20. I understand that we have a lot of games, but are there too many changes every time? Are they struggling for consistency and understanding of each other? Surely some of these lads can manage more than one game before being "rested".
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