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  1. Its not my pub , BUT they will be allowed in . No trouble expected . Never was at the Bromilow .
  2. Its that time again lads . Whos dropping in for a pre-match pint ? . There was no bother and plenty of ale supped against City . PLUS 2 new barmaids for the scum game .
  3. I always tell any scummers i come across , that i am a bitter and twisted Bolton fan. That seams to end the conversation for some reason
  4. hate this match , so many disappointments over the years . Hate the scum fans even more . Bitter and Twisted ? YES I AM . Bolton 1 SCUM of the earth 3. Love winding up the various scummers i come across throughout the day . SO SO easy
  5. I long since gave up on football rumours . UNTIL i see the player in a white shirt and the ref blowing his whistle i dont believe they have signed for us .
  6. Well Alf will you darken the doors next home game ?
  7. So on the strength of that ,plus the plastic glasses inside and out , i trust you will be visiting Barnstormers , next home game .
  8. Well those that made it in , Did you enjoy it ? . Plenty of Bolton and City fans , good banter , No problems . .
  9. if we are top tomorrow night , i for 1 will be late in work monday
  10. 2-2 draw would be good , but honestly cannot see us getting anything . As for the Suns hate mob . WHAT ALOAD OF BOLLOCKS .
  11. WEll thats atleast 2 of us in there . Pint of Wainwrights if your buying
  12. No if you want that . go to westhoughton conservative club on a friday .
  13. The only connection i have with the pub , is that i prop the bar up when i call in a few times a week for a pint of decent ale .
  14. Ok , point taken , BUT its not my pub . Ps , your not the landlord at scotts are you ? Or Gartside ????
  15. Listen pal , get your selves down there , its better than Scotts(plastic glasses) . OR the bloody fan zone !!
  16. . not a cider drinker myself , but think its strongbow , definately bottles of magners , plus some other fruit / cider like bottles .If i think on before sunday next time in i will check for you .
  17. Honest pal i am not the landlord . See you in there .
  18. Come in on Sunday and report back on here if you want . And no i am not the landlord .
  19. No i am not the landlord , but we will get some pics on here after the city game. Mind you if you come in you could take your own .
  20. hopefully the friendly atmosphere thats present in the place , and the manner of the wanderers fans who drink in there will prevent any such thing happening.
  21. .No cans now , wainwrights, golden pippin , hop vine , brass tally . Stella , Cider all on draught pal . come on down pal .
  22. Honestly Gonk no kids in there , or else i wouldnt go in. Give it another try . Remember though i can only speak for the Wanderers fans. And the everyday customers who go in .
  23. Well as your adult response shows , you have not been in there for some time .Carry on past and drink warm lager from plastic glasses elsewhere .remember to take ID with you as well
  24. NO the new landlords , have a new door policy . No dodgy customers , and house rules are enforced. Out of interest when did you last go in ? . It also has live bands on every friday night.
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