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  1. We ain't going by train now . NIGHTMARE !!
  2. 7 sorted. Thanks to Sputnik. Rattler booked . Going to be a long day
  3. North Stand Lower , its spot on.
  4. Woah hang on. Rugby Rugby League Cricket Rounders Morris Dancing Course and Match 🐟 All gone ahead today. " oh look at the wonderful cricketers and fans paying their respects "
  5. I have got a positive email from trainline finally after 2 negative ones . Fingers crossed, will update when I can
  6. Hope it's on. If not , it's no great hardship.
  7. Just tell me where to send my well earned donation. And I will oblige
  8. They take your reg and it gets imputed on the cameras. You also get a receipt
  9. Tesco . Drive to the bottom end.pay £5 . It's worth it. I got fined last season on a night match.
  10. Villa scored straight from a corner again last night .
  11. What did M J say about Sarsavic in the BN interview ?
  12. Train booked . Breakfast Cafe Sorted Brewery opens at 12 . Game on. Relying on Ashburner St to get tickets tomorrow.
  13. It is bloody good .
  14. Made the Sun !! Be queuing round the block
  15. I had no problem getting served . Get in early doors , even at 18.45 only waited 5 mins . Foods spot on from Sushuma Snacks .
  16. Buzz's are on tonight. Could be a good option
  17. Buzz's are on tonight
  18. Always on my tod when returning to Howfen after the match. The rest of the fruit loops set up in the hotel after the match .
  19. Got the buzz after the match on Saturday. No7 to Howfen, packed out . Folk use them . Was in The Brewery Tap at 17.22 . Cheaper than a taxi.
  20. embankment

    Car Park

    It's conveniently next to the stadium
  21. Try the kebab wraps in-between the bar and the Nam Ploy . Bloody lovely and only £4.
  22. embankment

    Car Park

    Asda Carpark was a mare last night. Sacked it off after 15mins . Did some late night shopping till 22.34hr , then went out the back route neat home bargains. ( got a knocked down leg off lamb 50% off )
  23. Last 10 mins was strange . 80mins played the ball about, last 10 Trafford booting it up field . Plus we didn't run the ball into the corner.
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