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  1. Ulverston- 4-1 Holmfirth- 3-1 Barnard Castle - 10-1 Conway/ Llandudno - Evens Bury Market- 20-1
  2. This all over . Total takeover . When ever it happens
  3. Gilks for me . He steadied the ship. Gave Santos the confidence do his job instead of looking over his shoulder
  4. Robert Johnson , Black Sabbath, Culture Club , Sex Pistols , Motorhead , Genesis, The Jam , Hawkwind , The Velvet Underground. LED Zeppelin UB40 All the above were unique. But Sabbath created a whole new genre
  5. Zeppelin had 450000 on August the 4th then 350000 on the 11th. I was at the first
  6. Any thoughts on Saturn 5. Excellent tune from that era. I
  7. Download will be great next year. Think it will be my 3rd time seeing Maiden there .Could be 4th
  8. Reckon another 4 weeks of Tyson and Joshua making their minds up. Before it gets binned off all together. It's a bloody joke
  9. Now AC/DC live is a sight to behold.
  10. Download will be great next year. Think it will be my 3rd time seeing Maiden there .Could be 4th
  11. Have you got the new album ? Seen them at Sonisphere and Download
  12. Oasis and Stone Roses Lived the dream. Mates , picking up guitars . Writing music , having a laugh. They done OK.
  13. You want some new stuff try. Scythian Fate Wolf Jaw Vane ( pirate metal) Arch Enemy Behemoth King Creature You will not be disappointed
  14. Don't know anyone who went to a Bathory gig. Done at least 4 Napalm Death. Not sure about Obituary
  15. Woah may be looking a copyright issues. There's only 1 Embankment
  16. You sure I thought it was Wimbledon
  17. It's grand day to be a Wanderer. Told you all it would be Reet !!
  18. Excuse me Dr Rudy , what do you recommend for this embarrassing rash ? Will it get worse and turn green ?
  19. Who ever scores the winner
  20. Blinkers? You must have got ya bonce stuck in a grow bag
  21. Give your head a Wobble. Less that £15 quid to watch a match . Less than £11 where I sit. If some one guy you a bag of gold . You would complain it was too heavy. Either that or you are on a fishing trip and I have bitten. Being that you are such a prolific poster on here for the last 7 years I would have expected a more rounded view.
  22. Spot on this . No issues with it £248 to watch My Club . No problem. Once more Shazza exceeds my expectations. Cannot wait to by her a pot of tea in the hotel.
  23. Club advising fans not to travel or attend the stadium
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