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  1. Any chance of our illustrious roofer giving me a quote? Drop me a msg
  2. Shed a tear when I heard the news earlier, I feel so honoured to have seen him play for the Wanderers. Oh Frankie Frankie! RIP
  3. This. (Get Maud to do it)
  4. I actually took part in the market research on them rascals when I was a nipper. Used to love Bones from Smiths crisps black packet with a skellington on the front.
  5. John Torodes missus, David Walliams and that big brummie bint off This Morning.
  6. Dutsons were the best pasties by a country mile, ye olde pastie shoppe was overrated.
  7. Me too, devastated, another legend gone.
  8. You'll need another X after all that real ale and pies mate.
  9. Boo


    That Jockish chippy sauce is just 50/50 brown sauce n vinegar, isn't it?
  10. Love that place, food is tremendous plus it's funny watching her behind the counter bollock the chefs.
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