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  1. I can only send via WhatsApp.
  2. I've just had those a load of pictures sent to me on WhatsApp of the England women's team in the shower , certainly looks kosher. Its very nice .
  3. Celebrate not losing.
  4. Exactly where I'm at, finding it depressing and not needed at the moment. I'm out.
  5. I got one of them Tag ones off a black lady in Tenerife about 20 years ago pile of shite, the little badge thing inside fell off and wedged the fingers together. Wouldn't recommend em.
  6. I suppose its like choosing between a life sentence in prison or the gallows, a lot of people would probably swing.
  7. I didn't need the scan because of the brekie
  8. I share your birthday mate 64 can't believe how that happened. Sausage and egg, followed by an MRI scan at Bolton hospital, thats living alreet.
  9. Spearing winning fucking headers , I fucking despair.
  10. So fucking light weight and nice and polite, fucking launch the scouse twats.
  11. Your glass is half full my friend and you've given me the top up I needed. I see us getting a win against these no marks tomorrow.
  12. I long for the days when you went to the match thinking that the opponents had the better team but because we were Bolton Wanderers their was a very good chance we would get a result. That feeling seems to have been lost forever, is it a lack of motivation from coaching staff or does the modern generation of players just not get it? I think its why my love of the game as deteriorated so much, I always feel we are beaten before a ball is kicked.
  13. Good Knee


    Brilliant those, seen most of em before in but not coloured, do you reckon that mob had spotted West Hams ICF ?
  14. Susanna Reid's cleavage is looking spectacular this morning, although I can never get over her Mickey Flanagan likeness.
  15. They clean up any bowel mishaps for you !
  16. I'm awake anytime from 4 oclock love it in spring and summer but seem long hours at this time of year. Trouble is I'm yawning me yead off at 7 in the evening ready fer bed .
  17. Cheers pal, back from my walk went through Longsight park along the river down to Bury Road and back.Cant say its completely alleviated my feelings of doom and gloom but looks like I did the best thing avoiding that. They are just making me angry.
  18. Cheers all , i'll turn round don't think ive ever been in that mind set to do anything rash just a temporary blip and a good win would be welcome.
  19. Not in the best of places today, I know a lot of people are similarly depressed or worse and don't want to be a me, me me, but fear this game will only add to my woes so I'm going for a walk and avoiding it.
  20. I saw Frank doing a dinner at Breightmet United, it was the Friday night that we played at Hull , I had to miss Hull because I'd sponsored a table but the night was brilliant loads of lads had radios listening to the game and with every lull in the game the place erupted in renditions of " Oh Frankie Frankie" .He was fighting a losing battle trying to do his speak and eventually sacked it and just got pissed with everyone, brilliant night.
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