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  1. I've said before on here that the greatest football night of my life was at Ewood park when he stroked that one home. For younger supporters they will probably never experience away followings like that all 4 sides of the ground erupted and on the pitch after was just unforgettable. For that night alone the man is a real legend.
  2. Very good friend of mine is a Cambridge lad season ticket holder and knows his football, told me when we signed Taft that in his opinion it would fail as in my mates words hes flatters to deceive and Cambridge wouldn't be weakened by his loss. Good enough for me.
  3. Aye I chuck blueberries on my porridge in a morning fucking Peru they are from, how old are they .?
  4. It'll be a penalty shootout.
  5. I've been trying that for years fucking hell its impossible, before you start on big purchases like cars and electrical appliances, I once spent ages in one of the supermarkets looking for an English apple they came from the four corners of the planet but not England.
  6. Aye you are right mate , wasn't meaning to be unfair , my old mum ended her days in a home, we simply couldn't have her its its often how it is.
  7. Also I don't think their was as many owd folks in homes, now they live longer and we pack em off to care homes because we don't want them at home.
  8. The questions probably been begged before but for anyone kicking around in the 70's would we even have batted an eyelid at the virus ? No 24hour news channels, no social media, only 25 or 30 years since the end of WW11 , life didn't seem valued the same.
  9. Feel sorry for young uns , its a magical time and passes so quickly, its a fookin long time ago but i dont think a squadron of SAS would have kept me in the house as a teenager. Then again I don't think it would have been like this int 70's we'd have just cracked on and died.
  10. PS Boltys old man was a brilliant raconteur.
  11. I'd like to second Trafs sentiments 100%
  12. It's a lot cheaper, un dunt need keepin us cowd, so can transport quicker.
  13. Very interesting and count me in for that afternoon in the pub mate.
  14. Ive often wondered how it would pan out if everyone had the same amount of money to spend on players and wages, would that find the best manager. Look at the list of players the great Sir Alex could afford to sign and disregard Djemba djemba and Jonesy are not the worst!
  15. If the scum had him he would have took a team thats cost a fortune to Leipzig and got the required result and they'd still be in with the big boys.
  16. Get Opperation Crossbow on Sophia Loren BBC2 shove prem football.
  17. Get Jonesy at the side of that 87million quid stump entertainment value brilliant.
  18. This really is never ending never been this pissed off with them, wish theyd all fuck off.
  19. Yes mate done those tracks a bit boggy at the moment.
  20. That would have been some side, we finished up selling Franny Lee and buying Terry fucking Wharton for more money.
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