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  1. It's very cute that they've apologised but are they not just going to waltz away with no consequences still not giving a fuck and putting it to one side for now?
  2. You watch the game we are, you read some folk's comments on here and we're being relegated tonight.
  3. Aye every single one put away.
  4. Being in the mix for promotion or relegation gets worse the older you get I reckon. Agree with Isgrove, not always a quality result from him but he leaves everything on the pitch.
  5. I'm honestly struggling to understand why Doyle's confidence would be at rock bottom, he's a career 1 in 3 striker who has scored 4 goals in the last 10 games.
  6. Thought Williams looked a bit battle weary today and him not being on it affected us a lot. Better team won today but there's no need to be getting your gran to knit a noose, automatic promotion is still firmly in our hands and no-one elses.
  7. They're shit these men, flattering to deceive. A bit of composure will bring some better decisions and we'll piss this.
  8. Baptiste for me, but like someone else said it's just good to have more than one person who actually deserves it.
  9. Much as I don't like linking to the Daily Mail, they've banged this up in the last few hours : Amateur sports clubs WILL be able to serve drinks outdoors during grassroots games | Daily Mail Online
  10. Not read anything on here since half time but will go back and catch up and make it look like I'm Pro Euro A or woteva with an edit. Thought they were shit and shit scared of us for a lot of the first half, we didn't score so they grew in confidence and had got over us being the better team when the second half begun. We were a bit directionless all second half and only really deserved a point by the end, if we'd put any chance away early it would have been 27-0.
  11. Nice one, will let him and me know in the morning.
  12. Aye, course you're right that's me on the ale too early. Can we just buy the game on iFollow like we do normally because he thinks we only get audio? Or maybe I could wait until tomorrow when I can think clearly and sort mesen.
  13. My owd fella has just rung me about ifollow tomorrow, do we only get audio with a season ticket and have to snide the video or do a day pass on Now/Sky?
  14. It's a long time since he graced a pitch for us but it reminds me of going with my dad, putting my scarf on, crawling under the turnstiles to get in for nowt, and just being over awed by the whole thing, the game, the crowd violence, whatever. Watch the videos of wherever he played and no-one struck a ball like Worthy did.
  15. We can argue about this and that but it was a great performance, good to watch, committed, and against a side who started really well and then got pretty much dominated for most of the game. If we can continue to play like we have and build on it then we should all be able to have a smile on our face. Even hugh.
  16. What changed that was one of the most experienced keepers in the league making an absolutely shocking mistake, not Maddison coming on.
  17. Good, well organised team these.
  18. Nailed on he scores the goal that gets us promoted.
  19. You're entitled to your opinion as you've rightly said, what are you basing that particular opinion on ? How many set pieces has Darcy taken for us at L2 level or above ?
  20. Couldn't face reading every page so just clicked on a few and wished I hadn't. Surely today marked us out as proper automatic contenders; the fight, the togetherness, the intent were all there and we easily matched the other form team of the minute in our league. Others at our house disagreed vehemently with me but I thought Isgrove was had a good game - here, there, and everywhere, hungry and looking to create. Reading some of the posts you'd think we'd moved into the bottom 3 and were a third of a season away from park football.
  21. Goal up, man up, how we manage the game from here will show whether we should be dreaming of automatic or not.
  22. Much more bite about us, much more energy, just much more of everything.
  23. £50 of what I won on IE getting appointed went straight on us to win the league at 6-1. Fifteen wins out of the next 18 games should see me right. 🙄
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