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  1. If you have a very quick Google then folk have been saying Evatt has had a certain problem for a long time, doesn’t mean it’s true though and I’m not a big fan of “there’s no smoke without fire”. Long as it’s legal and doesn’t affect the club or the work he’s doing here then don’t really see it’s anything other than his business.
  2. Some real positives to take from that today, including being fucking positive I’ve got hypothermia. Evatt said in his post match that they surprised him by not lining up as he had prepared for and it showed for the first 20. Thought they came to have a good go which made for an entertaining game. Presume Delf had been told to play in the way he did but it added nothing at all, might be more of a sign of how threadbare we are than a criticism of him though.
  3. Would take a point now if it was offered. Having just been outside good layering is going to be critical today.
  4. My yoof knows a yoof who knows Amaechi and his game and swears he is fucking incredible when he has a chance. I'm far older than them and just nod and take another gulp from the pint pot.
  5. Small point but if you're going to piss about wasting time giving managers yellow cards then surely you have to follow that up and send them off when they encroach on the playing area? Also, if two professional footballers decide to take a short corner and the result is an offside they should have to give their weekly wage to a local charity. I know they were utter shite but important 3 points that, have to scramble for whatever we can get in the next run of games.
  6. 9678 Bolton Lads And Girls Club
  7. Our defence is easily as bad as our attack but folk are lining up to suck Santos off, don’t want to get involved in too much whataboutery though.
  8. Probably only a fairer question if jimmy didn’t constantly only have one axe to fucking grind.
  9. Gutted couldn't go today but hope it's a great day and there's a shitload of money raised for the charity, lad I know watched his brother deteriorate with it and it ripped him to bits.
  10. Childcare issues to one side, you don’t have to isolate because they are positive.
  11. We upped our tempo for 10 minutes in the second half, scored twice and it was job done. Not sure why we fucked about for 45mins before that as they were absolutely terrible. Not one for official bashing but the ref was so over zealous in the first half that he had to back off in the second and so was very inconsistent, got the feeling it was the first time the linesman in front of WSL had ever done the job. Does anyone know what officials get paid at our level, I've had a search but come up empty?
  12. 10759 Bolton Adult Autism Support
  13. If they roll it out properly next season I'm guessing it will end up being linked to photo ID as well? Think Liverpool do it and although darrener went a bit tin foil for a minute seems Villa wanted a photo because of Covid reasons (at least that's what they said at the time). https://www.avfc.co.uk/news/2020/october/Upload-your-photo-to-your-ticketing-account/
  14. On another note summat gonzo said was spot on, why we dont just routinely keep the away fans back for 10 minutes makes no sense at all.
  15. Weird though because if you walked out of WSL you could walk straight into the leaving away fans and could walk off the car park with them up towards CNR.
  16. For reasons I'm still not sure of I decided to walk there and back today and all the way home all I could think was predictable, pedestrian, poor and then I log on and that's all been used already. We could have that done and dusted by half-time and instead made a bang average non-league team look like they were playing at the same level as us.
  17. Christ, even Santos is more of a worry for me than Dixon. Any team that has a physical centre forward or target man and doesn't pump everything at Santos is missing a trick. I'm not knocking him because he's doing a job but there's plenty of more pressing issues than the keeper.
  18. In reality we start every game having to score at least 2 goals to win because we are always going to concede, opposition teams know that and it's nothing to do with our attack or lack of it.
  19. Matt's right, sure we've had this crop up before and that's how my 3 ST are setup.
  20. Only thing different for me was had to assign every seat to someone who had a ST (or membership I presume).
  21. Arse about face this, if they want to sort things like the bottle throwing then instead of having 20 stewards stood watching people doing it why not have them actively removing folk?
  22. When the analysts says don't play Baka wide because he needs to be down the centre and don't play Kachunga down the sides because the other wingers offer better results but we have no choice but to do so then it makes them kind of redundant.
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