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  1. They’ve not entered a team into any age group.
  2. Moaning old cunt 2 rows behind and lad about 18 that thinks he’s a comedian in ESL. Used to shout Wilson in a Tom Hanks Castaway style every time Lawrie Wilson was in earshot. Wilson actually used to smile and think ffs not again. He’s never shouted it to Mark Wilson yet.
  3. Times are changing. There’s more activities than ever before for cricket clubs to compete against. Summer football being a big one for us. Think how many miles are between Clifton, Kearsley, Farnworth, Farnworth Social Circle and Walkden and how many schools play cricket in that area. Last year we had a good group of under 7s and 8 year olds and they have football training on a Monday night all summer. Can’t compete with football, it’s that simple.
  4. Exactly. So if two clubs have 6/7 players then merging gets 13/14 kids a game every week and clubs don’t lose them kids in the long run.
  5. Are Bradshaw having 2nd thoughts?
  6. Mates bird reckons she saw Wheater with 2 blokes in Alberts near Swinton this afternoon. She asked the waitress who the other 2 blokes were and one of them was an agent and a regular. Could be nothing but it would make sense to let him go if he was one of the higher earners. Possibly command a transfer fee also. Could also be innocent as having dinner with friends.
  7. Decorativestonedriveways.co.uk If you don't want flags they do a resin bound stone. Always look good and I'm sure they could do whatever you need.
  8. Someone Skoda goal, Nathan Blake
  9. Created a new account (old one whitewhizz) as I couldn't log in since July. Managed to log in as little whitt whilst trying. Glad I didn't stay on his profile for too long. Ah well, 3 points desperately needed today. COYW
  10. I have 4 tickets for 'The Script' at the MEN on Saturday 3rd February. They're in a box with free ale all night. I'm auctioning these off on Friday 1st December at a fund raising night which is to raise funds for my local cricket clubs junior section. We're after a new bowling machine and some kit for new players that haven't played before. I currently have an offer of £300 for the 4. If anyone is interested at raising that amount then please let me know. Cheers Whizz
  11. On Sunday 2nd July @2pm Kearsley are hosting a Bolton Cricket League select 11 to raise funds for 10 year old Jaden Farrell Mann who was badly injured in the MEN Arena bombing. Our captain is good friends with her dad, so he has organised the event with the hope to raise enough money to send her on a holiday to euro disney or similar. The league team is very strong and the Kearsley side will have a couple of guest appearances. There's other entertainment on, raffles, stalls, BBQ and of course liquid refreshments. Hoping to have 2 bands on after the game and music throughout. If you'd like to support this event just come along on the day. There's no actual entrance fee but donations will be accepted at the gates. Cheers Whizz
  12. 6 of us stayed over in Blackpool last Saturday night after playing cricket there. The hotel was a shithole, which we weren't bothered about but then on Sunday they emailed me saying we had caused damage to one of the rooms and we had stolen 3 tv remotes which they would be charging me for. All untrue. I asked them to provide evidence as the rooms they said weren't ours. Anyhow they've charged my debit card with £150 Any advice here? Other than posting my shit through the letterbox.
  13. Did she bin you off when she got her sight in full working order?
  14. Whizz


    Bloke dead on m62 now near Oldham. Shocking news.
  15. Prick. Can't take constructive criticism is what I was told. That means Bones had a go at junior for dropping a catch and senior pops up and gets fucked off. Leaving a club when you're captain? Well done
  16. Going Friday but not that bothered about it now.
  17. Whizz


    Looking at the Denmark friendly. Fly out Friday morning and return Sunday afternoon. Has anyone priced this up? Got 154pp for flights.
  18. Kearsley chase down 225 v Farnworth. 3 good wins this weekend. I'm fucked but loved every minute of it.
  19. No,1st and 2nds don't have to play against the same clubs. There's a fixture planner available that accommodates around 8 divisions of 2 teams. Maybe some weeks both teams will be away or some weeks both at home, which will put the 2nds to Sunday.
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