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  1. Nisar (amateur) at Farnworth sub pro'd for Dukinfield last week. We play them in cup Sunday. Has to be suspended. Proud dad tonight, eldest lad just scored his first 50. Made it even better as he's only 11 in a couple of week and this was u13s against district and Lancs bowling.
  2. £20 per night? £560 per month? That's decent rent in Bolton.
  3. He's not a second teamed tho. Good player, what's in them pies?
  4. Tell them you'd had a dozen pints so it would of been illegal to remove the car from the car park. By doing this, they didn't incur any losses.
  5. So hands up who's not turned up on the last minute after finishing your pint in the pub?
  6. Not sure who you mean. Doesn't sound good though. Onwards and upwards.
  7. Chuffed for you both mate. Plenty more in that bat, especially at £2 per run. Was the coach DC? If so, we had the same issues with him at Kearsley.
  8. Ibis. Standard but you know what you're getting. 400 yards from city walls.
  9. Flitcroft, just to upset the bucket shakers?
  10. At Leeds, Lennon didn't pick Madine and was calling him a cunt, prick etc before Heskey had to pull out. Then turned on Vela saying he was being a soft cunt and had seen him pull out of tackles. Vela questioned this, to which Lennons reply was, 'When all the shit was going on, you were the first to put a transfer request in you soft cunt.' Vela defended that by saying he has a family to support etc. Spearing was the one to calm the situation and told Lennon he can't talk to people like that. Similar situation happened last night with Woolery. He may have had the shits, but Lennon apparently went in ranting and raving and some of the senior players had to calm the situation again. I've not had a bad word against Lennon as I seriously think he's been conned into managing this situation. But if everything I'm being told is true (and there's no reason for my mate to bullshit) then he's completely lost the dressing room.
  11. I hope so. But why would my mate text me before the start saying Kane has kicked off and Tom is in the squad? He doesn't even know who Woolery is, hence spelling it Kane.
  12. Woolery I believe. Weren't happy with not being selected. Then Walker got called up. Will know more in the morning. Not sure if he ended up on the bench.
  13. It kicked off in the changing room before the game.
  14. RIP Phil Sad news, thanks for your part in so many of my memories.
  15. I will be supping ale, and I'd of rather gone somewhere else but it's my birthday present from the enemy.
  16. Cheers, will possibly do all of them but the spliff and Ajax game. They're away at Groningen.
  17. Thinly veiled.......... Tips for a weekend away in Dam. TIA
  18. RIP. Seemed the nicest fella you could possibly meet. Loved his insight and was very rarely wrong with his predictions.
  19. I can see the not rights now, screaming at the players, 'I pay you're wages' etc.
  20. Silva starts. Surprised with that one. Need a team fully committed here. COYW
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