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  1. Just looked at registering. How do they get your times? Is it through a phone app?
  2. Can't see Balance or Compton scoring more.
  3. Knocks like that yesterday prove he shouldn't be dropped. Bell dropped for SA tour? Shocking decision.
  4. RIP. The only player I genuinely watched in awe. I would shit it if my job was to tackle him in full flow. Didn't realise he'd been ill for so long.
  5. Can't open the link. Are Tesco/Asda etc on the Middlebrook now likely to start dishing out tickets on match days?
  6. They're 50 in theory tho. my dad never misses a football or cricket match or training session and I do the coaching. He was telling all the kids about playing in the same school team as Dave Hatton and Alan Ball last week. He shows them how to bowl a leg break and googly, how to tackle someone so they end up in the paddock, they go on 10 mile bike rides etc etc. I'd hate an illness to take hold. Special relationship. Suppose I've got it well tho. I never had it.
  7. This is something I shit myself over. I'm 33, mum and dad are 70+. Kids 6 and 10. I know they're not gonna be here forever but the kids are so close to them that I can't imagine what they will be like when the time finally comes.
  8. They've been paying decent money for years.
  9. Aye but Jon Stead is a typical Wanderers transfer target these days. That's the level.
  10. To be fair, Salford are by far the better side here.
  11. Going on the Friday, didn't go to Heaton Park.
  12. Tried far too many openers for me. Should of stuck with one for longer and really worked with him after a series. If Hales fails against Steyn and Morkel will they cast him aside?
  13. 64-6 Didn't fancy us getting them but no chance now.
  14. Whizz


    Don't mind that at all. Nowt wrong with a bit of passion. Still a cunt though. Beckford got slated at Leeds for the opposite.
  15. Jesus Christ. What's just happened?
  16. Bazid didn't play in Bolton League.
  17. Quality city. Loved it when I went this summer.
  18. Selling badges and half n half scarfs
  19. Today's amateur football is Stoneclough v Leyland for me. That's after kids have played at Bolton Arena and Ramsbottom.
  20. Had a mooch down. Colls are a good side, was 6-1 when we came away with about 10 mins left.
  21. My favourite trip. Went for a week, was the last Bolton out there with Brixton etc. Ended up on same coaches as Carlos. Would anyone go back for a holiday?
  22. I've just spat my Diego Costa all over my David Granola.
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