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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Class player. Will play for England. 130 last time against him.
  2. In between and agree with that completely. Used to love it, now slightly dreading it. Even packed an older pair of trainers for night time as they will just get ruined in the bars.
  3. Magaluf in the morning with 30 odd lads. Not a holiday........
  4. Good luck in your new league. I see Bamford Fieldhouse start in the second tier, I hope they don't get promoted as it could become boring if they do.
  5. Stayed there the night before Belgrade. Can't remember much about it as we got bladdered, they had jagermeister shots in a basket on the bar for a euro.
  6. I wonder if they were happy when they first got relegated. The chance to be a big fish and visiting new grounds and so on............
  7. Was contemplating getting a rabbit on my head From a distance it might look like a hare I'll get my coat
  8. Had a couple of hours yesterday. Very good indeed. Had a pork goulash dish from near the town hall, was superb. Bought some of the hot chilli jam too, been asking the kids do they want jam toast all morning.
  9. Completely agree. We had more than 15 unavailable last Saturday and you can't just pull people out of the bar. They've got to be registered on playcricket and with the league.
  10. We will see. Always struggle once football season starts. I bet Tonge don't get fined £250
  11. He's a good lad, very quiet and he's also a midfielder. Be interesting to see how he goes on down there. First time away from home and knowing him I think that might be an issue. Good luck to him though.
  12. Tears in eyes stuff this thread. Classic WW
  13. I take back my earlier post. Public Transport isn't the best and you can only pay in coins. Took 40 mins to travel the 3.7 mile, on the bus this morning and it went through some proper shotholes. Sat in train station now, 60 minute wait for train and no bus for 45 minutes. Going to try and move to another hotel (same chain) in the city centre when I get back.
  14. Umpired for a while. Once told me it was a pleasure to umpire my end while I bowled some filthy leggers. Really nice bloke. Must of been on Mushrooms at tea that day.
  15. Mates wife went with the kids yesterday. Phoned him in the pub mid afternoon, she had only forgotten the tent.
  16. I'm sure the goals have sunk an inch........... Ruined my BTTS coupon
  17. All expensive in the centre. We're staying a couple of mile out, much more reasonable. Edit: 3.7 mile out but walking distance to the nearest train station. 5 minutes into centre.
  18. The blokes that come out as 'roadside assistance' are very rarely mechanics. They are only expected to recover the vehicle. I found this out a while ago when a lad I know that works for RAC asked my mate could he do his exhaust.
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