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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Fabulous player. Legend at the club is apt.
  2. I’d guess. History destroyed for capital gain Real supporters left in pain
  3. Be a good idea to market the kits as special additions. I’m assuming they’ll be a change & sponsors added now. Make some money from it all. Acknowledge the junior whites........
  4. I’m feeling this. Fucking gutted
  5. Please no one forget the rained off match & screwdrivers through the doors, passing back to the tunnel that started it.
  6. Means nowt to me who you want to support. The more who get involved and shape it into something meaningful is what matters.
  7. Perhaps find a vile, druggie, thug who you think might represent your views and get them in there. If its democratic, there is nothing to stop that happening.
  8. Thing is, in theory the platform is there. Are you going to explore its potential or sit, snipe and undermine without seeing if you can add something to it?
  9. Be fine. They can be operating terrace manoeuvres whilst you enjoy the game. Job done.
  10. Always find it strange the elite on here never reminisce about the delights of Copenhagen in 2000.
  11. Look at that beautiful unity. Then read that daily divisive crap posted on here.
  12. Think its time to turn off the t'internet.
  13. Are you really that daft to think that these blokes are trying to create a commercially viable film on the back of Bolton Wanderers? They're not trying to put a Roadrunner video on at your local multiplex. Any film will stand or fail by being half decent or shit. If it's half decent,people will watch it and other outlets will buy it, despite it being associated with Bolton Wanderers not because its associated with the club.
  14. So you will watch a film that is in the main about Leeds United's history because it features a part of Brian Clough's career. Yet when its pointed out this story is a bit more than Bolton's history, nobody outside of Bolton will view it? Makes me wonder how any film, novel or biography actually sells beyond the limits of narrow interest groups. I bow to the power of your cultural barometer and bold typing!
  15. So you don't think telling the story about the bravery, patriotism and brotherhood of a group of blokes who went to war together. Giving up slightly privileged lives in order to do what they thought was right. Then after years of fighting and against all odds,almost coming back as a whole unit. That not a good enough draw for you? Oh and they played for Bolton Wanderers.
  16. The Brian Clough thing was one. Have you seen it or dismissed it because it's got loose connections with Derby, Leeds and Brighton?
  17. Last two football related films I watched had nothing to do with Bolton. I still watched them.
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