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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Pretty well summoned up that
  2. Fabulous player. Legend at the club is apt.
  3. I’d guess. History destroyed for capital gain Real supporters left in pain
  4. Be a good idea to market the kits as special additions. I’m assuming they’ll be a change & sponsors added now. Make some money from it all. Acknowledge the junior whites........
  5. I’m feeling this. Fucking gutted
  6. Please no one forget the rained off match & screwdrivers through the doors, passing back to the tunnel that started it.
  7. Means nowt to me who you want to support. The more who get involved and shape it into something meaningful is what matters.
  8. Perhaps find a vile, druggie, thug who you think might represent your views and get them in there. If its democratic, there is nothing to stop that happening.
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