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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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leigh white

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45 minutes ago, fester58 said:

another cracking awayday with the colls yesterday, feeling it today, a good game played in a gale force wind, colls getting a last minute penalty (fouled outside the box) to draw 3-3. the replay is on Monday night 

Heard you'd lost the ability to speak... :roll:

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We've been running round like blue arsed flies sorting stuff out for this at short notice, any support would be appreciated:

Colls v Marske United FA Trophy replay tonight, 8pm, Lobby and cheap beer to the sound of the 1970's rock playlist we've prepared.


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2 hours ago, Leyther_Matt said:

“A few” being an understatement. Easily done for the players when they’re only starting supping at half 5 but no chance of managing it all day!

Killing a bit of time in " Harry's Bar " before the train up Norf, so no chance for me.:D

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21 minutes ago, Casino said:

I trust you'll be screaming scab at the driver and walking by way of protest

Engineering work on the track that day so it would have been RR anyway, but as a point of principle, the stagecoach bus runs every 15 mins, so would have caught that.:D

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