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Just give my head a wobble & Micky Walsh scored a screamer in the Lever end goal against Fulham I think .....



he scored from 40 yards


bobby moore gate


it was going wide til mellor deflected it in


didnt even hit it that well

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Come on Burnden you're slacking now son  

For those going to Colwyn Bay, if you wanted to make a weekend of it Lancashire play Glamorgan on the Sunday, also in Colwyn Bay.

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It was Nicho at Sheff Utd what a great away day that was.I assume the 5-1 game .Reid Whatmore Greaves Nicholson & I think Franky .Woodward for them (sad or what)

We were brilliant that day, still say it's one of the best Bolton performances I've seen.

Would say it was livelier the Year before at Christmas.

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£135 return to Salzburg but its from Stanstead. Then train from Salzburg to Graz, to much of a ball ache so I am most likely out.


Hire a mini bus from ABC and drive.


It'd be like the Italian job - just need a case of medicine and narcotics

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I've been told my first ever game was a preseason in Germany, so I'm guessing it was 74 when we were living out there.


Apparently the Germans were amused by me throwing my baby bottle. Started young me :D


....or was it a World Cup game? I'll have to ask the olds.

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